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NCRCC: Teeing Up A New Strategic Direction (Essay Sample)


Each Case Assignment must be 700 words and use current APA format
No abstract is required; type the questions as headings and respond. you must use 2–4 scholarly research articles in your response.
Answer case discussion questions 8 & 9
8) What would you recommend to the board of NCRCC with respect to adding or changing programming activities like social activities for adults,families with children, and children?
9) What would you recommend with respect to changing current operations?


Teeing up a new Strategic Direction
Student’s Name
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Teeing up a new Strategic Position
8) What would you recommend to the board of NCRCC with respect to adding or changing programming activities like social activities for adults, families with children, and children?
Based on the results from the investigations, I would recommend NCRCC to consider introducing new programming activities that promote social events especially for small families and children. The objective of the investigation was to establish new ways of fixing the decline in memberships from young families and adults. To attract new memberships from this demographic, the board should focus on programming activities that meets the needs and preferences of young families and adults with children. Introducing a fitness facility and swimming pool will enable the club add new services that attract the younger generation which they are targeting.
Most country clubs across the country have swimming tournaments for children. The development of swimming tournaments as one of club activities has been used as a marketing strategy which has given clubs that have implemented it a competitive edge over those that have ignored it (Song, 2014). There are a number of swimming tournaments as part of club activities across the country and they are attracting young adults, families and children. Moreover, these activities act as membership retention tools. When the children join competing teams and parents acquired the club memberships with other parents with common interests, it will be difficult for them to leave.
According to Eva, (2007), organizing social events in clubs attract new members and enhances the retention of the existing ones. Social events tend to be appealing to all people regardless of the age. However, based on the investigation, they are important to the younger generation. Therefore, I would advise the board to hold customized social events based on the age group once a month. They can also allow members to b

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