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Natural System (Essay Sample)

Theorist Peter Blau said, “To administer a social organization according to purely technical criteria of rationality is irrational because it ignores the not rational aspects of social conduct” (1956). Write an equivalent three page paper that links that statement to natural system perspective. Submit your comment to the Drop Box and engage in a discussion of the material. source..
Natural System Name: Course Code Instructor: Date of Submission Introduction An organizational setup is one of the issues that have been discussed about in great lengths. Various theories have been developed in regard to the functionality of an organization. Peter Blau a theorist argued that a social organization should not been examined purely on technically rational basis. He argued that doing so would amount to irrationality as there are some aspects of the organization that are not purely rational By advancing this argument, Blau made an important an organization or a social organization should not be looked at from a single dimension or perspective (Triplett, 2008). Instead, it should be seen from multifaceted perspectives to give a proper picture of the organization. This discussion looks at an organization from a natural system perspective. Basis of the argument The focus of organizations as natural systems stem from an argument that the rational perspective is not satisfactory. The rational point of view argues that organizations are tools that are used to meet specific goals. They are seen as organized units that follow specific strategies to achieve specific goals (Scott, 2008). The natural system perspective therefore deviates from the rational point of view. Instead, it views organizations from the perceptive of the people who work in them. This view therefore looks at organizations as systems that are social in nature. Due to their nature, organizations have needs that require to be met to guarantee the survival of the institutions. One of the main disagreements between the rational point and the natural system perspective is that the latter views the former as rigid. Looking at organizations from a structural point of view is seen to be non-inclusive. As argued by Peter Blau, such a perspective looses its rationality. This is not to mean that the natural system viewpoint completely discredits the structural form of organizations. They advocate for structure, but argue that within the structure, there should an aspect of flexibility. The flexibility will allow the people within the organization engage in informal patterns of behavior and pattern (Scott & Davis, 2009). For example, an organizational culture should not always be dictated. Rather, the people who work in the organ...
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