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Nation-State and United Nations Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Address the following:
1) Briefly describe the relationship between the concept of the Nation-state and the United Nations. (1 paragraph)
2) Read the following article - https://www(dot)cidob(dot)org/en/publications/publication_series/opinion/seguridad_y_politica_mundial/coronavirus_between_the_global_and_the_national
Briefly discuss the author's arguments regarding the impact of the Pandemic on the nation-state. What did students in the sync sessions come up with? (2-3 paragraphs)


The Reemergence of Nation-State
[date]A nation-state is in existence when a particular group of people in a land shares the same cultural aspects and has sovereignty. People can share the same language, belief, custom, religion, and ethnicity, and at the same time, exercise sovereign practices like political governance (Meyer, Boli, Thomas, & Ramirez, 1997). United Nations, on the other hand, is not necessarily particular nations that come together. Instead, it is a group of countries that acknowledges national identities and cultural diversity. It is a non-government organization, thus, uniting nations and not government entities (Simma, 1995). The rise of the united nations and other international organizations is an attempt to globalize and connect nationalities politically. As nation-states started to open up to others through economic exchanges, non-government organizations like the united nations act as the regulator of interdependence communication (Morillas, 2020).

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