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My Personal Leadership Profile and Development Plan (Essay Sample)

Please carefully read the instructions on the attachment and Complete two self-assessments to be able to write this paper. 1. the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire Form and 2. the Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire (Questionnaire will be provide with attachments) Also attached are chapters from text books (2books) that I would like you to incorporate as sources for this paper. This paper can only have 3 sources in total. It is very critical you following instructions to this assignment. The instructor is very picky and not following instructions in steps will results to a failed grade. Thank you and looking followed to this paper. source..

The Personal Leadership Profile and the Development Plan
The Personal Leadership Profile And The Development Plan
In order to understand the leadership skills, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, it is important to prepare a personal leadership profile. This is attainable through the first two steps of filling the questionnaires one on authentic leadership and the other one on multifactor leadership. The second step before embarking on a personal leadership profile is the personal assessment and examination based on how one perceives himself or herself, how other people see them and what they need to do in order to improve on their leadership skills (Tierney, 2008). In the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire, I examined the self form where I perceived on self-perception of leadership behaviors and the rater form that helps to generally measure leadership (Tierney, 2008). On performing this assessment I realized that more often I go beyond self-interest for betterment of the group, consider ethical and moral implications of decisions, I make clear what one should expect, and wait for things to go wrong before taking action. On the other hand is the Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire.
Here, I was able to examine three components of my leadership namely: balanced processing, self-awareness internalized moral perspective and relational transparency (Northouse, 2010). In the questionnaire, there was a range between 0-20 on average in each component. Scoring below indicates that that’s my weaker area and scoring above 15 indicates that that’s my strong area. In this test, I managed to get two components below 15 and 2 above 15. This paper is designed to formulate my personal leadership profile in my career and come up with a development plan to improve on my position at my work place and a continued growth as a leader.
Leadership attributes
Leadership refers to as the process by which an individual would influence a group or groups of people in order to achieve a common goal. Therefore, my leadership profile is based on the attributes of an effective leader in multicultural work environments; examples of characters portraying these attributes support the ideas and personal reference to my results from the questionnaires (Tierney, 2008). This is in efforts to bring out my weak points as well as the strong points. Later on a development plan is built from these points. It is therefore important to understand the term multicultural working environment. A multicultural work environment refers to a work place where the workforce or colleagues are from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, as a leader it is important to develop attributes that would help one cope with the situation in order to have the followers motivated and inspired to work and contribute as per the expectations.
Integrity is one of the significant attributes of a leader in...
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