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Motivation And Labor Relation Strategies (Essay Sample)


Last assignment we do research on Hard Rock Hotel, this assignment we gonna apply one to two strategic suggestions from each of the chapter 11 and chapter 13 regarding structuring the company for success.  You will suggest an ideal way to create the company regarding HR and Organizational Behavior.

This suggestions you can follow

A. Explain/define the topic (1-2 paragraphs)

B. What you would implement and how specifically (1-2 paragraphs)

C. What benefit the company should expect to receive from that and how will they measure if it has worked?

What tangible/real metric can they use to gauge progress, success, or failure of the approach?


Motivation and labor Relation strategies


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Motivation and labor Relation strategies

Motivation creates a positive mind among the employees to attain the desired results of the company. Motivation has become one of the essential aspects of creating a successful company. Well-motivated employees are committed to their task to accomplish organizational objectives. However, management has the responsibility to create conducive and productive work culture within the company’s eco-system by implementing various techniques and tools of motivation. Due to increased local and global competition, the company should be open to new management practices and technology advancement. Work motivation helps to determine the direction of employee’s behavior in the company, their level of efforts as well as their persistence. The company should be willing to provide an enabling working environment, enhance employee rewards and recognition, and job satisfaction.

Managers at Hard Rock hotel can work on creating an environment in which workers feel motivated about their work. Several theories and strategies enhance employee motivation at work. The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory groups the employee needs into five sets; physiological needs, security needs, belongingness needs, esteem needs and lastly, self-actualization. The HR manager at Hard Rock should categorize each employee based on his or her level of needs. For instance, a new employee or employees at the lowest ranks are mostly concerned with their physiological needs. They are more concerned about a stable income than belongingness. For employees whose physiological needs have been met, their needs fall in the second category, security. They want a safe workplace environment, pension, benefits and fair

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