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Employee and industrial relations: Module 4 component of the Project (Essay Sample)

For the Module 4 component of the Project, please: * Analyze the relative strengths and weaknesses of employee and, where relevant, industrial relations in your organization. * What can your organization do to improve such relations? background material: ProQuest username: 4kw2wkdpbx. ProQuest password: welcome 3. Copy the title of the paper ONLY from this page, and paste it into the "Basic Search" field in ProQuest, but make sure you DELETE any punctuation in the title (for example, colon, semi-colon, dash, apostrophe, period). Then click on "search" and look for the document in the list that appears below. Abbott, K. (2007). Employment relations: Integrating industrial relations and human resource management. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 5(1), 61-71,147. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1259702681). Anonymous. (2005, September). Employee engagement. Canadian HR Reporter, 18(15), 7-9 . Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 899612691). Krell, E. (2006, June). Do they trust you? HRMagazine, 51(6), 58-65. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1061328661). Mittler, J. E. (2007, January). Dealing effectively with unions. Industrial Management, 49(1), 26-30,5. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1219118051). Pomeroy, A. (2006, July). Great communicators, great communication. HRMagazine, 51(7), 44-49. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1076597521). Schreiber, M. E., & Marshall, D. R. (2006). Reducing the risk of whistleblower complaints. Risk Management, 53(11), 42-44,46. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1164965031). Willock, R. (2007, January). Cordial relations. Personnel Today, 22-25. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1224390571). Optional Materials Blancero, D., M., (n.d.), Papers on employees relations in: Center for Advanced HR Studies at the ILR School at Cornell University. These are 'early' versions of the manuscripts which were both published a year later in Human Resource Management. Retrieved May 17, 2010. Blancero, D. M., & Dyer, L. (n.d.), Due process for nonunion employees: The Influence of System Characteristics on Fairness Perceptions. Retrieved May 17, 2010. Ruiz-Quintanilla, A. and Blancero, D.M. Open door policies: Measuring Impact Using Attitude Surveys. Retrieved May 17, 2010. Matchulat, J. J. (2007, October). Separating fact from fiction about workplace violence. Employee Relations Law Journal, 33(2), 14-22. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1313045981). source..

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(23 November 2010)
Employee and industrial relations
The phrase employee relation was in real sense a replacement for the phrase industrial relations. On the other hand, it involves the body of work that is concerned with maintaining employee -employer relation, which adds value to satisfactory production, increasing employee morale and motivation. As a result, employee relation is concerned with the process of resolving and preventing problems from happening in the fast place, which might involve individuals affecting work conditions.
Strength of Employee Relation in Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
Management of work place conflicts has become a major issue for CSC nowadays, particularly with increasing business expansion to other continents. Here, the employee relation has become very significant. CSC has used mediation as a technique of dealing with workplace issues, in place of traditional industrial relation framework. Its emphasis has been put on formal discipline and grievance procedures of using win-win approach, which happens to be consistent with HRM philosophy, (Pomeroy 2006).
Good communication has assisted in making CSC management policies real. CSC management has used dialogue other than giving instructions; this theory has been well established to prevent occurrences of problems. Getting communication right at CSC has been a process that engages persistence and patience on both sides of employees and employers.
Weaknesses of employee relations
It has been acquired that unionization has drastically reduced in this era of employee relation in CSC. This has killed workplace innovations, including innovations in work methods and employment terms, which were being done by the unions. The unionization level was enough in providing compelling models for nonunion firms, such that, they used to fo...
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