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MKT 301 Place (Essay Sample)

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The Place in The Marketing Mix of Samsung Name Institutional Affiliation The Place in The Marketing Mix of Samsung Physical distribution in a marketing mix is also known as the place. Companies use direct or indirect distribution approaches to reach the existing and new target market (Paley, 2007). Samsung uses an indirect approach in distributing its products. The products of Samsung Company are sold to distributors in major cities. The distributors then sell these products to retailers, who later sell them to the final customers. The distributors are assigned a territory within a region to supply the Samsung products to the retailers (Kim, 2012). An example is the SSK distributors, who distribute Samsung products to retailers. Therefore, the distributors have to make a substantial investment in the company. Individuals wishing to acquire Samsung products can only get them from the retailers. Direct buying by individuals is not possible. Samsung company uses two types of intermediaries in their marketing process, that is, distributors and retailers. Unlike wholesalers, distributors only concentrate on one line of products from a particular company. The distributors maintain a good relationship with the customers and suppliers. Retailers dealing with products of Samsung acquire the products from the Samsung distributors. Retailers have a role of supplying the product to customers as per the demand in the market. The retailers aim at availing the brands required by the market in which they operate, as the needs of each market is different. Samsung Company uses exclusive distribution strategy in its marketing process. In exclusive distribution, several retailers are allowed to sell the products (Kotler et al., 2015). The retailer is granted an exclusive right to distribute the p...
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