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MGT 499 WK4: Discussion Board about Innovation Leadership Strategy of Apple and Samsung (Essay Sample)


Strategy implementation and evaluation are important aspects of the strategic management process.  Consider an industry rooted in innovation (such as the cell phone industry) and the top competing companies that use an innovation leadership strategy.  How do you suppose such companies (like Apple and Samsung) manage the implementation of continuous innovation?  Discuss implementation barriers that companies considered to be leaders of innovation face (or have faced).  Provide some evidence to support your arguments. 


Innovation Leadership Strategy
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Innovation Leadership Strategy
Strategies play a crucial role in overcoming business challenges thus companies like Apple and Samsung use innovation leadership strategy to continue existing in the market and compete in the business. This paper discusses what enables these companies to manage the implementation of continuous innovation and the barriers that they face during the implementation.
Implementation of innovation leadership strategy
Apple and Samsung are highly innovative electronics market leaders who provide a range of products from Smartphones to laptops among others. The two companies have been competing to provide high-tech electronic gadgets and increase their market shares. The innovation leadership strategy they use has so far proved to be successful and has helped them maintain their brand value and market share. Apple has put in place policies and procedures that aim at differentiating its products to suit a wide range of its customers. This differentiation is based on unique designs that are as a result of innovation strategy. For example, the company uses a custom iOS app to connect employees to live data, which delivers critical information to that allows them to better collaborations, solve prob...
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