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Video Case 3 BUS 641: McGraw Hill Connect (Essay Sample)


To access the case study, go to McGraw Hill Connect (note you will need to launch McGraw-Hill Campus in a new window).
Please use google chrome
Select "Connect" to the BUS 641 Resources.
Click on the "Library" tab.
Then click "Student Resources." You will then be taken to the McGraw Hill Student Resource Site.
In the left column, select "You Be the Judge." This will bring you to a list of video case studies for the course.
Click on Case Study #9 to get started on this week's exercise. When you are finished, click "Print."
In your printer settings, select "print the page to PDF" for submission.
Additional Instructions are available in print form here.
In addition to the PDF, complete the following:
IRAC Analysis (1-2 pages, described below)
Include your reaction to the case and whether you believe the judge came to the correct conclusion.
Are there any missing facts which would help sway someone to your position?
For the assigned video case studies, you are to complete a 2-3 page IRAC analysis for each video. An IRAC analysis includes four specific topics and your paper should include these four separate sections: Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion. Your paper should also have a Reaction section after your conclusion that discusses your reaction to the judge's ruling and to the case.
If the video case study is a case where the defendant is being charged with murder:
Issue: Did the defendant commit the crime of murder or the lesser crime of manslaughter?
Rule: The defendant is guilty of the crime of murder if he did x, y, and z. If the defendant did not do x, y, and z, he may be guilty of the lesser crime of manslaughter . The defendant is guilty of manslaughter if he did a, b, and c.
Analysis: This section should have three sections on the following topics: factual setting, caselaw presented (with case citations), and a section that applies the law to the facts of the case. Each section should be at least a paragraph long.
Conclusion: This section should be a conclusion of your analysis and should consist of one or two paragraphs. Your conclusion can certainly be the same as the judge's, but you should explain your conclusion in detail.
You will then finish the IRAC analysis with your reaction to the legal scenario. This should be a fifth section as follows:
Reaction: This section should include two to three paragraphs regarding your reaction to the issues presented in the case study as well a detailed discussion of why you agree or disagree with the judge's actions and conclusions. You should also discuss how the case study applies to the business world and any topics covered in this course.


Video Case 3
Video case 3
Issue: should Robert Jackson be liable for withholding information and negligence about the pending laws about additional of housing when he told Chuck Riley that he would be able to build an additional house when he knew a new law was soon coming into effect that prohibited making additions on a purchased property.
Rule: According to the judge, the plaintiff has been awarded all the damages because the contract is considered to have been void. In this case, the renter omitted certain material, the fact that the renter knew about the pending legislation and did not say anything to the buyer. The judge believed that the buyer did not enter the contract knowingly. Instead, the renter wanted the contract signed before the announcement of the pending legislation and wanted the house to be sold. The renter had a duty to inform the buyer about the pending legislation which was going to prevent him from making an addition to the house. The damages were incurred by the plan tiff because the renter did not say anything about the foreseen consequences. The buyer could not have bought the house if the renter was honest with him.
Analysis: the fact that Mr. Jackson omitted an important detail that would affect Mr. Riley, this means that he was no honest and Mr. Riley entered into the contract without knowing full details of the contract including the pending bill. Mr. Jackson assumed that that detail was not import...
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