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Four Seasons Boston Hotel Boston Hotel Situation Analysis (Essay Sample)


Write a marketing plan four season Boston ,Ma. please find the attachment to go with the steps note : Primary competitor analysis will be Taj hotel , Park plaza hotel and Marriot Coply Square


Four Seasons Boston Hotel Boston Hotel Situation Analysis
Institutional Affiliation
Four Seasons Boston Hotel Boston Hotel Situation Analysis
Executive Summary
Four Seasons Boston Hotel is a luxurious and a five star restaurant located in Boston's Back Bay. The economy of Boston, MA has gained stability despite the multiple recession periods because of the advanced service industry including financial, health care, education and other auxiliary activities. Most recently, Boston has become a technology hub and an innovation city. Boston is also a leisure center with many recreation sites such as museums within the city. For these reasons, Four Seasons Boston Hotel has been receiving an increasing number of visitors who have significantly boosted their revenue collection as well as brand popularity. In addition, statistics shows that the demand hotel’s products and services, especially the lodging facilities has been growing at a compounded rate of 2.7% over the last six years. The hotel occupancy rate has been increasing at a rate of 6.4% with the total income generated increasing from
. Therefore the paper seeks to focus on Four Seasons Boston Hotel’s market analysis. Particularly focusing on situational analysis to assess the hotel’s micro and macro environments aspects with the aid of analysis tool such as PEST and SWOT analysis., Also, the paper analyses Four Seasons Boston Hotels major three competitors Taj Hotel, Park Plaza Hotel and The Ritz Carlson., The paper examines how the hotel has considered its implementation plan by identifying its marketing mix and responsibilities it has undertook to achieve the targets. In addition, the paper examines the hotel’s evaluation measures such as outcome, quality and efficiency measures that enable the hotel to establish whether it is on the right track or not. Indicators such as profit will measure attainment of targets for the hotel.
Environmental Analysis
Both internal and external business environments are critical when assessing a market condition to any business and Four Seasons Boston Hotel Boston Hotel is not an exception, In relation to the external environment covers external factors that influences such as politics, economics, social and technologies (McDonald, Frow and Payne 2011).
The Labor law in Massachusetts has clauses that protects employees’ contract termination under labor management. The clause prevents the hotel from premature firing of employees arbitrarily (McDonald, Frow and Payne 2011). Also, the labor laws grants employees flexibility that permits them to adjust their work in accordance with the company’s regulations. Additionally, the states laws are stable and this aspect has helped Four Seasons Boston Hotel benefits from the stability of cost and revenue.
The State of Massachusetts tax burden, 40% of the GDP in 2000, was 3% higher than the national average, which is a massive threat to Four Seasons Boston Hotels Boston Hotel (Kwag, Muller and Upneja 2016). Thus, the company might suffer a huge and extra cost for the high Federal and State Tax. In terms of economic growth, a 2016 research by Alan Clayton-Matthews, a Northeastern University economics professor asserts that Massachusetts economy is steadily growing at an annual rate of 3% and better than the 2.5 national rate, an indication outpacing the national economic growth (Kwag, Muller and Upneja 2016). This imply, the citizens economic growth improves as the incline to have more disposable income to enjoy their life, which is advantageous to Four Seasons Boston Hotels Boston Hotel as a hospitality industry. Additionally, Boston is ranked number one by the U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation as the digital economy
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