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Research Paper. Impact of Mandatory Minimum Wage of $15 on Employment (Essay Sample)


Research the topic, locate an article which offers factual sound economic arguments on the topic, and use this as your basis to develop an essay about ;
How would a mandatory minimum wage of $15 impact employment in a local economy as well as Nationwide? Use at least 2 quality resources and proper citation.
3-4 pages - your opinion is important, yet must be rooted in economic theory


Impact of Mandatory Minimum Wage of $15 on Employment
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Impact of Mandatory Minimum Wage of $15 on Employment
The topic of minimum wage has been debated for a while, and some states in the United States are already considering enacting policies that make it mandatory. Policy makers have often believed that minimum wage will alleviate poverty and increase the local economy while at the same time the national level experiencing the spillovers of these advantages. On the other hand, economists and business owners have taken a different view of this policy. They argue that a mandatory minimum wage of say $15 is likely to attract and cause long-term adverse impacts on employment, the local economy, and a spillover of these adverse effects to the national level. 

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