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Lynx Company's Functional System (Essay Sample)


Consider the following scenario involving a functional system used by the Lynx Company. The Lynx Company uses a functional system for their sales system. It takes the orders from their salesmen in the field, processes those orders in the office, sends the information to accounting, and distributes the pick orders to the warehouse for picking and delivery. The system has been a great success for The Lynx Company. Be sure to review the lessons and assigned reading regarding cross-functional systems before beginning work on your case study. Also, conduct outside research regarding functional systems. Write a one page (275 word) paper to include the following:  - Identify five reasons why the Lynx Company's functional system has been successful (be sure to expand your discussion on each reason).  -Identify five disadvantages of functional systems and briefly explain each one.  -Be sure to cite all your sources.


Lynx Company's Functional System
Lynx Company's Functional System
The Lynx Company operates in a number of sectors in the United States economy that includes telecommunication and technology, real estate and construction, financial services, and healthcare (The Lynx Companies, 2013). The use of a functional system for the company’s sales system has been a success in generating sales in these sectors.
The Lynx Company’s sales functional system has been used in coordinating the activities of the sales team ranging from taking orders from the field to delivering orders to respective customers. The success of this system has been associated with a number of reasons. One of the most outstanding features about the Lynx Company’s sales functional system is that it allows free and uninterrupted flow of information from those selling in the field to those coordinating activities from the off...
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