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log302mod3ca (Essay Sample)

Welcome to the case study assignment for the third module of the course. Click HERE to link to the ProQuest data base or click directly on the journals below to locate and read the following articles: Ironside, Fraser (2007 Sep/Oct) Yesterday's Supply Chain Networks are Costing Businesses Today, Supply Chain Europe, London: Vol.16, Iss. 5, pg 30, 3 pgs. Napolitano, Maida (2009, Jun) Redrawing Your DC Network, Logistics Management (2002), Highland Ranch: Vol. 48, Iss.6, pg. 36. Hannon, David (2007 Aug 16) Electrolux Designs a Logistics Network to Support Global Sourcing, Purchasing, Boston: Vol. 136, Iss. 11, pg. 29 Trebilcock, Bob, (2006, Oct.) Burlington Coat Factory Builds a Distribution Network, Modern Materials Handling, (Warehouse Management Edition), Boston: Vol 61, Iss 10, pg. 26 Trebilcock, Bob, (2008, Feb.) IKEA Thinks Global Acts Local, Modern Materials Handling, (Warehouse Management Edition), Boston: Vol. 63, Iss 2; pg. 22 Then in a 3-4 page paper answer the following questions: Q1. Discuss the major factors responsible for making yesterday's supply chain networks less relevant today. Be sure to include in your discussion any other issues the authors may have missed that you would consider important. Q2. Assess the feasibility of the design solutions provided in the Napolitano article for addressing the challenges faced in today's "down" economy. Q3. Determine if Burlington Coat Factory, IKEA, and Electrolux effectively utilized the design suggestions discussed in the Ironside and Napolitano articles in the redesign of their logistics networks Submit your assignment to CourseNet for grading by the end of this module. Assignment Expectations Expectations for the assignment are based on the paper showing an understanding of what is involved in logistics planning and why it is important for organizations to develop a comprehensive plan. It is expected that the work display critical thinking and logic in performing a comparative analysis of the changes taking place in supply chain networks. It is also anticipated that the work will show how elements of the planning process can be applied to specific case study organizations in demonstrating how they have revamped and redesigned their logistics plans to address the challenges of today's economy. source..
Business: Case Study Name: Grade Course: Tutor`s Name: (6, April, 2011) Q1. Discuss the major factors responsible for making yesterday's supply chain networks less relevant today. Be sure to include in your discussion any other issues the authors may have missed that you would consider important. The key objective of each and every organization is to be profitable in the market thus an organization will want to be ranked the best company that offers the best quality of services and goods both locally and globally. The sudden changes in the world economy and the growing numbers of the organizations have made it difficult for the organizations to facilitate their activities and maintain their traditional business strategies that made them excel in the past (Ironside, 2007). This has resulted to the organizations to conduct persistent change in their business strategies in order to fulfill the needs of their customers whose needs are constantly changing and at the same time maintain the repetition of their organization in the local or global markets. The increase in the environmental degradation according to Ironside is also another aspect that is making the yesterday`s supply chain network irrelevant today; this is experienced when the growing numbers of organizations and manufacturing organizations affect the ways in which the products are in the market (Ironside, 2007). The increasing numbers of these industries have increased the rate of carbon emission in the atmosphere this automatically resulting to the increased shortage of raw products being supplied in the factories. Consequently, resulting to the shortage in the markets making the customers pay more on the purchase of these products as a result of the companies increase of the prices of there goods and services. Globalization has resulted to the companies in the developed worlds to change their tactics; this is by the move from their mother countries to other countries that have plenty of raw materials and offers cheap labour such as the Asian countries which have acted as the regional manufacturing companies for the companies from the develope...
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