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Events (Leysin Champs) (Essay Sample)


It will take the form of a 2,000-word group report on the “LEYSIN CHAMPS” event. Project objective: At the end of this project the student should be able to apply and identify the logistic tasks needed to ensure that the event is successful, together with an analysis of the suppliers needed to stage the event. Contents Page: List the contents of your report (headings, subheadings) and the page numbers they appear on. • Introduction: o State the purpose of the report. o Provide a basic description of the event Results and Analysis: o Identify and analyse the following: § Supply of Customer: marketing, queuing, ticketing, transport § Supply of Product: transport, accommodation, artistic needs § Supply of Facilities: infrastructure, power, water, security, any additional contractors § On-site Logistics: flow of audience, artists & equipment, communications, amenities, consumables, VIP & media requirements, emergency procedures § Event Shutdown o Provide recommendations • Conclusions: State the main conclusions from your results and analysis. • Referencing: All factual information to be evidence through the use of proper referencing system, both in the text and in the referencing section using the Harvard method of referencing. • Appendices (if required) • Acknowledgements: If necessary, provide a page of acknowledgments

Course title:
This essay provides a report on the LEYSIN CHAMPS event. For this report, the purpose is to identify and analyze the supply of customers including marketing, queuing, ticketing, as well as transport functions. This report also analyzes the supply of products including transport, accommodation, and artistic needs. The supply of facilities including infrastructure, power, water, security and any additional contractors. In addition, this report identifies and analyzes on-site logistics including flow of audience, artists and equipment, communications, amenities, consumables, VIP and media requirements, emergency procedures as well as event shutdown. At the end, recommendations are provided.
LEYSIN CHAMPS is the oldest snowboard competition in the whole of Europe, and is an ever-growing event concept that unites urban art, music and snowboarding. LEYSIN CHAMPS attracts young stars and the world elite through an inimitable system of qualification and the event is used for shaping tomorrow’s champions. Music has constantly played a key role in the event. It has turned out to be even more significant since the formation of the PLACE TO BE – the location of the concert and party is in Leysin on the Swiss Alps. Urban Art was effectively included in order to complete the lifestyle experience to the guests at LEYSIN CHAMPS. These 3 elements – Music, Urban Arts, and Snowboarding, mixed together have completely seduced the media, the public and even the main actors at the event (LEYSIN CHAMPS, 2014).
Supply of Customer
The event’s customers are essentially those individuals that pay for it. These could be visitors, sponsors and participants. For a successful event, their anticipations for the event have to be met. It is of note that logistics is an imperative function in regards to meeting these anticipations (Ersoy, 2011). Marketing: For customers to be aware of the event, it must be marketed first. Marketing of LEYSIN CHAMPS event should be done through various media including television, radio, internet, magazines, newspapers, and on social media especially Twitter and Facebook. Queuing: The customers’ initial experience at an event is essentially queuing for tickets as well as parking. Upon entering the location of LEYSIN CHAMPS event, they would come across queues for eateries, pavilions and toilets. LEYSIN CHAMPS welcomes many guests from various nations into the site. Upon their visit to the LEYSIN CHAMPS location, their attention must be drawn to the LEYSIN CHAMPS activities which are Urban Arts, Music, and Snowboarding. This is done through medium such as signboards so as to assist them save time whilst enjoying an assortment of activities. Since the satisfaction of a customer is inversely proportional with the perceived waiting time, it is crucial to reduce the customers’ perceived waiting time (Ersoy, 2011).
Ticketing: in...
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