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Leading Through Crisis: Applied Neuroscience And Mindsight (Essay Sample)


Provide your personal summary on the article Leading through the crisis: Applied Neuroscience and Mindsight by Haydenfeldt. What were your primary takeaways from this article based upon your perception? Was there anything that you disagreed with in the article based upon your professional experience? Please provide 1-2 examples to support your viewpoints.


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Leading Through Crisis: Applied Neuroscience and Mindsight
The article written by Jo Ann Heydenfeldt PhD., in the year 2010 focuses on examining whether neuroscientific principles are essential in the efforts of managing change in a successful manner.
Firstly, Heydenfeldt, (2010) stated that in neuroscience the process of resolution is determined by the capability of a person to be open-minded in various situations involving negative emotions and therefore can maintain integration. When these elements are considered, leaders can adequately inspire their workers who may be unable to deal with negative emotions such as anxiety. Due to such problems, the current business climate has different degrees of uncertainty.
Institutions which have risk management structures may fare better compared to enterprises since such institutions are exempted from the management of a continuous crisis in the wake of an upheaval. In such situations, leaders face numerous challenges and must have the necessary skill to continually focus their attention on new objectives which will be e

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