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Labor and Relation: business marketing (Essay Sample)

There are 2 parts to this assignment 5A and 5B 5A complete cases 5 and 12. 5B is a continuation from 4B's assignment and I am sending that assignment. source..

Running Head: business marketing
Assignment 5A
Under contract provisions, article 8 section 24 states that, past practices relating to benefits will continue unless they are contrary to express provisions contained in the Aetna Dental Assistance Plan, effective from January 1 2001. An employee then needs not to be necessary working during ratification period to benefit from the medical plan. Employee on medical leave have always been eligible and part of any companies plan either being implemented or to be implemented in future. This is so because they are still on the pay roll. This is clearly supported in the Articles 17, section 24 of the same act. And therefore the arbitrator rules in favor of the union over the company (Arthur, 1996).
In suspending Whitney the company did not go against any labor agreements. Whitney had gone against the company policy of relevant contractual language where workers were not supposed to use foul language over the intercom. Whitney is also seen to disrespect the supervisor because when asked whether he is the one who had used the intercom he rudely replies; why not". He walks away to the rest of the workers. The main intention of doing this is to discredit the supervisor in front of the other workers. In support to the supervisors` actions, the company rules clearly states that it has the right to fire and hire or give any restrictive measure to its workers .therefore all rules under the company must be adhered to by all employees. Whitney was found to be guilty of insubordination ruling out any possible violation of Labor Agreement by the company (Arthur, 1996).
Assignment 5b
The union received a $ 0.4 hourly wage increase though it had requested for $0.7 increase.
They received 8 paid holidays.
Wage increment will be guided by increases generated from the escalator clause.
Provision of a supplement unemployment benefit program
Organize the southern plant situation so as to minimize layoffs.
Establishment of good relationship between the union and the management
Reduction of the production standards
The company agreed to pay the whole cost of the insurance medical plan
The union declares to deny any changes in the medical program
Promotion preference to be given to the senior employees
Lying off of employees to be done without regard to seniority especially when layoff is for a short period
In relat...
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