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Join Group (Essay Sample)


i want to join this group, read this email and please write introduce my major and why i would like to join(relate with my major)
my name is daeun woo my major is management.
Hello classmates,
My name is Kyle Artice and I am the President and Founder of Bogey's Washers. For more information please visit our website www(dot)bogeyswashers(dot)com. In short, my partner and I have developed an original low-tech game that is played in parks, backyards, tailgating locations, etc. We have a utility patent pending and we are currently generating revenues.
Our primary income is from individual product sales, however, we also offer our services as a supplement to various events. Through product demonstrations and tournaments as well as a strong online presence, we have been able to raise awareness of our new and unique product and have had mild success through our online marketplace. 
Bogey's Washers has been very well received and the future is full of promise. We seek to revamp our company and produce a minimum viable product so that we may expand to wholesale distribution. Our goal is to have Bogey's Washers sold in retail stores across the nation. 
Our 6 month plan includes bringing our new streamlined prototype to large-scale production, expanding our product line to maximize revenues from accessories and ancillary goods, and to finalize a sale that will put Bogey's Washers on the shelf at Zingers Hardware in Austin as our primary test market.
All of these goals are integral to completing a major phase in our business model that could very easily determine the future success or failure of our business. Because our product is unique, we have no direct competitors, however, we have many indirect competitors against whom we must vie for the attention and loyalty of our customers. It is paramount that we capture our share of the market using creativity, ingenuity, and any competitive advantage at our disposal.
We are searching for dedicated individuals whose talents and expertise might complement those of myself, my partner, and our existing team.


Join Group
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Join Group
My name is Daeun Woo and I have majored in management. I received the email from Kyle Article, the President and founder of Bogey's Washers. I was impressed by the company's plan of bringing a new streamlined prototype to large –scale production as well as the idea of expanding its product line to maximize on revenue from ancillary goods and accessories.
I, therefore, request to join your group and become part of Bogey's washers. My aim is to assist the company complete its major phase in its business model and make it succeed in the future. With the knowledge gaine...
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