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Japan Business Research Report: Cultural Factors (Essay Sample)


Your Report Situation: You have been awarded a great opportunity to work as a professional for XYZ Corporation in the country you have selected to focus your report on. Your focus for the assignment is to research the country’s cultural and business communication styles. For example, do women hold executive management positions? Is it customary for top business transactions within the workplace to discuss business over lunch etc.? So you are discovering how the country communicates in the workplace and business. 

Here is the specific information that you will include your report.

Report Content: The report should be four pages excluding the cover page, table of contents and the works cited page. The content should be single spaced.  You will need to use three sources to support your findings excluding the course textbook. The report should include in-text citations that coincide with the sources cited on the works cited page.   Reports that do not include in-text citations will receive a grade no higher than a 50/F.  Direct quotations must be included as a part of the in-text citations. There will be an 11 point deduction for reports without direct quotations. The sources should be cited in APA citation style. You will submit the assignment as a Microsoft Word attachment.

Report Will Specifically Include in the following order: Front Matter (Title page, Table of contents,) Body (Executive Summary, Introduction, Text, and only one graph or table as well as the conclusion of the report) and works cited page. The graph or table should not take up a lot of space on the page. Specifically meaning, it should not take up more than one-quarter of the page.  The font size in the report is 12 using either Times New Roman or Courier New.

Topic choose:

Subject: Choose a country to focus your Summative Research Report due at the end of the semester.


In this Semester, I want to do a research report about Japan. There have three reasons, the first point is because I like Japanese culture. Japan has a lot of similar cultural heritage with China, especially in terms of architecture, food, and etiquette. The second reason is that I like the spirit of Japanese study. They often need to spend more than ten years to complete one thing. Compared to the current impetuous society, a lot of knowledge can be learned in them. The last reason is Japan's environment, compared to China's air pollution and water pollution. The Japanese environment is the reason why I want to understand this country.


Japan Business Research Report


Institutional Affiliation
Japan Business Research Report

Executive Summary

Japan has a diverse culture, which is evidenced in how they conduct their businesses and the influence of cultural factors on their way of doing business. Their traditional cultures significantly influence the communication of the Japanese nation. Notably, Japan is a highly conservative nation in terms of its culture and other traditional practices as well as norms. Communications in Japan are always exemplified through nuance and subtlety. It involves how individuals appear and their freedom of expression, commonly referred to as

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