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Investment Rules (Essay Sample)

Hello I need you to briefly discuss theses 10 rules of investment, each rule should be in 1 paragraph please. Rule 1: Defend Some Stocks, Not All Rule 2: Don't Own Too Many Names Rule 3: Cash Is for Winners Rule 4: Don't Forget Bonds Rule 5: Never Subsidize Losers With Winners Rule 6: It's OK to Pay the Taxes Rule 7: Diversify to Control Risk Rule 8: Do Your Stock Homework Rule 9: Expect, Don't Fear Corrections Rule 10: Be Flexible source..

Investment Rules
In every field of life, there are some basic rules that must be followed for the participants or the parties taking part in them to be successful in it. Business and marketing fields are not exception to this and particularly when it comes to deciding where to invest and where not to, one must really be careful with the rules. This paper examines ten basic rules of investment which include; why an investor must defend some Stocks and not all, why an investor must not own too many names, why it is usually said that cash is for winners, why investors must never forget Bonds, why investors must never subsidize losers with winners, why investors must pay the Taxes, why investors must always diversify to control risk, why investors must their stock homework, why they must always expect and not fear corrections and lastly why investors must always be flexible.
Rule 1: Defend Some Stocks, Not All
Good investors normally invest in many business or stocks as a way of diversification and also to increase chances of making more profits. In some cases when the stocks are doing very well in the stock exchange, the investor is happy and will not need to take any action but to simply sell the most profitable ones and order some more. However, in cases where a bad wave strikes and the stocks start to deteriorate, the investor starts to panic and if ill advised he may end up experiencing the greatest loss of his life. This rule therefore cautions investors when such situations arise by telling them that not all stocks should be defended, but only a few of them. This rule holds that investors should always rank all their stocks by priority and identify those that are most important and also those that will be given first priority when the investor decides to sell some. The rule is against investors defending all their stocks in a bid to save all of them because doing so will be more risky than when the investor gives up some in order to cover the most important ones or the ones which are more valuable.
Rule 2: Don't Own Too Many Names
This rule holds that investors should never own took many stocks or names to themselves. It is not that owning too many names is a crime or an offence but for the good of the investor and his money, just a few stocks in which they can have total control over is enough. Of course this can vary from one investor to the other as some will consider ten names to be enough for them while others will consider only five to be sufficient and enough for them. The underlying rule is that investors should own the number of names which they can have control over and which they can know inside out so that they can control them effectively.
Rule 3: Cash Is for Winners
This rule generally holds that investors should value their money if it promises them more results than investing it in stocks that are not promising. Many a times, ...
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