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International Market Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Ukraine supply chain brief summary. Search Supply Chain News about Ukraine. Connect these news to international market, more about American market. at least 3 resources


Brief Summary of Ukraine Supply Chain
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International Market – Ukraine and America
Jiminez-Guerrero, Pérez-Mesa, Burgos-Jimenez, and Piedra-Muñoz (2018) describe the supply chain as a network of relationships between an organization and its suppliers or goods or services in the production and the ultimate distribution of the product to the buyers. The system consists of different people, activities, resources, information, and entity. Companies and state agencies mainly establish supply chains to reduce costs to withstand cutthroat competition in the business world. Studies have highlighted the Ukrainian supply chain, with a significant number of them showing that it could be a hub if exploited. These findings form the basis for an analysis of imports, exports, transport, and regulations that guide the supply chain in the country. The unfolding revelations have influenced other countries’ businesses and, by extension, the international market like in America.
Exports, Imports, and their Regulations
           Facts on trade between Ukraine and the U.S. places Ukraine as the 67th largest trading partner of the U.S. on goods reporting a total of $3.8 billion in 2018. This figure consisted of about $2.5 billion and $1.3 billion relating to exports and imports, respectively. The Department of Commerce reported a translation of five thousand jobs equivalent in 2015. Some of America’s exports to Ukraine include mineral fuels, vehicles, aircraft, machinery, seeds, and agricultural products, among others. In contrast, Ukraine, in 2018, was America’s 73rd source of import, which mainly included iron and steel (and their products), essential oils, snack foods, other vegetable oils, and electrical machinery, among others (US-Trade Representative, 2020).
           The government of Ukraine has put controls that prohibit imports and exports of narcotic drugs, weapons, chemical substances, communications, and pharmaceutical products. The government has licensed and restricted imports through Ukrainian law. The law of the land outlines several terms and conditions of licensing, bodies to do the transit, criteria for transportation, and the regulations related to imports and exports of military or multipurpose products. Approving these products to be transported as imports or exports usually takes ninety days. The documents of approvals need to be submitted to the state service of export control of Ukraine. The United States Corporations wishing to import the goods under control must contact the export control unit of the state before the transportation of the prohibited goods to and from Ukraine. Licensing slowly depends on the product's technical features and the end-use.
Also, Ukraine cabinet ministry resolution n

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