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International Analysis of Organization Design Business Essay (Essay Sample)


This assignment involves selecting one country outside the U.S. that is of particular interest and
relevance to you.
• The assignment is to write an 10-12 page paper that summarizes the culture of the country and how the culture influences the elements of organization design (organization structure, job design, scanning practices, human resource systems, etc.) and management practices.
• One option for this assignment is to select a multi-national company that has operations in a particular country as the focus of your analysis. You are also encouraged to review Chapter 6 in the Daft text (Designing Organizations for the International Environment) to generate potential countries and topics for your paper.
• You will want to integrate your findings with the concepts and principles discussed in the course. Your final paper should be 10-12 pages and include at least six (6) academic references specifically from the course material.
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Influence of culture on organizational design and management practices
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Organizational designs and management practices are influenced by the cultural practices of a region. Culture is a powerful lever for maintaining, shaping, and renewing an organization's viability. Divergent expectations and cultural differences around the workplace norms can be a significant cause of friction. Therefore, it is essential for a company moving its business to a new country will influence its business operation. This paper will discuss how Dubai culture influences apple's organizational design and management practices in the country.    
Apple is an American multinational technology company that develops, designs, and sells consumer electronics, online services, and computer services. Apple is recognized as one of the prestigious companies in the world. The company has expanded its business territory in various countries around the world. One of the countries that Apple has based its operations in Dubai a member of the United Arab Emirates. Over the last three decades, Dubai has transformed itself it a veritable mega-city boasting of some of the tallest buildings in the world, magnificent islands, sever-star hotels and business parks. The country is a significant tourist attraction in the world. This makes Dubai an excellent choice for conducting business. Other reasons that make Dubai an excellent choice to conduct business is its taxation system, safety, high-quality infrastructure, and repatriation. However, while setting up a business in Dubai, it is vital to consider the culture of the state. 
Culture of Dubai 
Religious practices

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