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Integrated Marketing Communications: Pure Barre. Essay (Essay Sample)


Using Chapter 19 & 20, Marketing Management, Kotler, (15 edition). 1. Identify the Target Audience: Before you create a strategic communication plan, you need to understand the target audience. Use target market information from the marketing strategy. 2. Set the Communication Objectives: Use two or more of the marketing objectives found on page 587 of Marketing Management. Write the objectives to align with the strategic goals. 3. Design the Communications: Your marketing communication should include: message strategy, creative strategy, and a message source. Message strategy: What will you say? How will these messages create points-of-difference and/or points-of-parity? Creative Strategy: How will you say it? Will you use informational or transformational appeals? Message Source: Who should say it? Your source should be rated using the following criteria: expertise, trustworthiness and likability. 4. Select the Communication Channels: Will you use personal or nonpersonal communication channels? Describe the channels for each marketing communication. Reflection: How did this assignment help prepare you for greater responsibility?


Integrated Marketing Communications: Pure Barre
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Integrated Marketing Communications: Pure Barre
Identifying the target audience
The company's primary target is women, evidenced by the low-impact training techniques adopted by the facility. The company’s expensive services narrow the target audience to includeworking women who can afford the set prices to maintain the community prestige it enjoys. This means that the target market is highly flexible and therefore requires personalized marketing techniques to suit their schedules. Another attribute of the audience is stability, which means that they look for a permanent solution to their fitness goals. Affordability, flexibility and personalization are the main traits that label Pure Barre’s target audience.
Communication Objectives
Pure Barre is one of the most popular franchises in the US and Canada. This means that it has already established brand awareness, hence eliminating it from the objectives. According to Kravitz (2018), the main misconception about Pure Barre is that consumers do not realize the value for their money. 

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