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Diagnosis of Palm Inc's Marketing Strategy (Essay Sample)

Please use headings and subheadings for ease of reading. The company is Palm Inc. A file will be attached from the previous assignment in order to base this one on. Expectations: In order to make this case, you first need to review the strategy and then classify it as one of Porter's competitive strategies. Then identify the Key Input factors in the first three categories. Explain why these are the critical input factors. Then determine how congruent the three input factors are with the strategy. First discuss the organization's strategy and classify it according to Porter's three generic competitive strategies. Then identify the most critical inputs in each of the first three categories and justify WHY they are critical. Also explain what effect the inputs from one category have on inputs from the other categories. How well does the strategy fit with the environmental, resource and historical inputs you identified? Make a Case for your propostion as to how the Key Inputs support (are congruent with) the Strategy. Specifically make a claim: "The inputs at Palm, Inc., consisting of Organizational Environment factors, Internal Resource factors, and Historical Tradition factors are, [highly, partially, or minimally] congruent with the company's strategy." Support your analysis with objective evidence. Sources of information for the entire project may include interviews, organizational documents and reports, articles in newspapers and trade publications. Be sure to cite your sources and provide a list of references. source..
Running Head: Diagnosis of Palm Inc`s Marketing Strategy
Diagnosis of Palm Inc`s Marketing Strategy
1 April 2011
Palm Inc is the manufacturer of hand held devices and is the founder of this product category. Palm Inc`s products are specialty products. However, in recent times the manufacturer has lost face to increasing competition and a more sophisticated consumer base. The kind of strategy that the company employs in terms of the Porter`s generic strategies classification is more geared towards a focused strategy. This is evident from the fact that it sells to a limited customer market but adds value to each and every product, striving to differentiate from competitors. It has a major market share which it had garnered by adapting the first mover`s advantage, but today to protect its status it is using various techniques such as licensing its products to various hardware companies such as HP and Acer. This company faces a major challenge of being innovative at every moment because major competitors are challenging it by making various products and providing more user friendly features to attract the present customers in the market. This paper seeks to analyze the company`s current strategy and the inputs that it required to move to other generic strategies. CITATION Pal11 \l 1033 (Palm Inc, 2011)

Palm Inc is a company that makes and markets handheld devices. It is known as the innovator of hand held devices by introducing palm devices in the early days of basic telecommunication through normal cellular devices. The analysis of its marketing strategy, in terms of Porter`s competitive generic strategies can be profoundly understood when its strategies are looked at in terms for the components of the offer.
It is a specialty product having multiple uses highly instrumental for the corporate society with entertaining features that enhance the style. It tries to fulfill its customers` expectations by not only inventing cellular phones but also building in operating software in those devices so that along with telecommunication internet communication can also be held benefiting their customers with great potential. And in the recent times, its software and operating systems rather than its devices are its revenue drivers.
The product is promoted through the visual as well as the print media. Palm handhelds however have now suffered a real setback in terms of competitor`s products, more specifically smart-phones and blackberry`s which have completely changed the landscape of the market. The company also uses advertising through all media to spread its word.
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