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Innovative Organization in New Zealand. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Choose an innovative New Zealand organisation from the list of suggested companies below.
Rocket Lab
Hamilton Jet
Gallagher Fencing
Weta Workshop
David Trubridge
Fisher and Paykel Healthcare
You may also use an organisation of your own choosing, please ensure it is an New Zealand Organisation, but also note that you cannot select The Warehouse Group, Eat My Lunch, or My FoodBag to do this assignment on. 
Before writing your report, conduct secondary research on your chosen organisation and the industry. Based on your research, analyse your company using the Business Model Canvas and include this in the Appendix of your report.In your report you must:Explain and justify how your chosen organisation seeks to maximise Value Creation and Value Capture in their business operations.Identify and explain the role of innovation(s) in Value Creation and Value Capture in your chosen organisation. 
REMINDER:You do not have ethics approval to conduct primary research. All research you complete needs to be secondary research (this means do not approach anyone for interviews, information or with survey requests)! You must find your examples from already existing resources.Your Business Model Canvas analysis should be inserted into your report appendix. Although it is not marked, the marker will look at this important foundational knowledge as it is fundamental to your analysis. 
Report Notes:This is a research assignment, so we do expect you to use academic resources from tools like the library databases to do your research and find credible academic sources to support your work.  These academic sources inform and support the theoretical components of your essay.  
You will use non-academic or popular press sources to help you to find evidence and examples to illustrate the points that you make in your essay. These need to be reputable and well considered. 
Note:Your report must use at least 5 sources (ideally more), and at least 3 of your minimum 5 sources must be from academic sources.  Please note that the minimum requirements gain you a C grade on this criterion. A+ students will go far beyond the minimum requirements. Please look at the accompanying report rubric to see our expectations of performance. The minimum five sources required for this assignment are IN ADDITION TO the resources we provide you in this course.
 A reminder: the Key Differences Between Academic and Popular Press SourcesAcademic sources: Popular Press Articles:Are written by researchers and are therefore based on expert research, facts and figures. Tend to be more opinion-driven.Are peer reviewed by other experts in the field. May be based on investigative journalism, but are unlikely to be based on peer reviewed expert research.Usually have an abstract, citations and a reference list. Rarely contain citations or a reference list.Are published in peer reviewed journals. Can be published in newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. but not peer reviewed journals.Are the best sources for theoretical and expert evidence to support your arguments in essays and assignments. Are useful when trying to find organisational examples to illustrate and support the arguments you make in essays and assignments. 
Academic sources are the ONLY appropriate sources to inform and support your understanding of the theoretical constructs that underpin your work.
Popular press articles are an excellent source of organisational information. We encourage you to go beyond just organisational provided information such as their annual reports or their website as this might not be impartial information and contain spin, also look to investigate reporting or multiple stakeholder points of view to ensure you are getting a cross section of organisational information which increases the chances of well- considered and robust point of view. 
Finding your Sources
Some appropriate library databases for your academic research sources include (but are not limited to):
Business Source Premier
Google Scholar (Use the library access to avoid paying for articles found through this source)
Emerald Insight
Australia and New Zealand Reference Centre
ProQuest Business Databases
 Structure of your report
You must use an academic report format. In brief, this should include:
Title Page
Executive Summary (200 words)
Table of Contents 
Introduction (approx. 10-15% of 1050 words)
Discussion with two to three body paragraphs ( approx. 75 - 85% of 1050 words)
Conclusion (approx. 5-10% of 1050 words)
Your essay must include both in-text citations and a reference list.
Note: your Report should use headings. 
More precise and exacting instructions around this report assignment will be provided in the accompanying video packs, in the week two module,  and in workshop. It is vital that you understand your task completely so read and view this information and ask questions on piazza, and in facilitator office hours. 
 Click here for more information about the structure of your report
 Word Limit
The word limit for the report is 1250 words.  This is a hard upper limit and must not be breached.  We will stop marking once at this threshold. This  word count includes your in-text citations but NOT your APA formatted reference list. Your reference list is additional to the word count. Your appendix also is also additional to this word count ceiling.  
 • Formatting Your Assignment
Please ensure your assignment has the following formatting:
Saved and submit as a WORD document. If you do not have word on your computer then use an free online converter to convert your pages or doc files to word before submitting. If we can't open your file, we can't mark it and you will not receive a mark. We suggest you double check to see your file is correctly loaded and the information can be read before the due date and time. This is your responsibility.
Best practice tip we encourage you start doing for all submissions: Take and keep  a screen shot or a snip of the time and date your successfully loaded your assignment. Also ensure you keep a copy of your work that is not changed after the due date and time of the assignment. 
Font - Times Roman or Arial
Font Size - 12
Double spacing
Margins justified or aligned left
Page numbers in the footer of your document
Your name and ID number in the header of your document
 • Reference list goes after the conclusion and before the appendix. It should start on a new page
Your reference list should be in alphabetical order (by author's surname), and should not be numbered or include any bullet points.
All hyperlinks in your assignment should be disabled
Any numbers in your essay from 1-10 should be written as a word.  Numbers 10+ can be written as numbers.
All citations and references must be in APA format (please use APA 7th edition - refer to Quickcite to an external site.            > select APA 7th for correct formatting)
The appendix starts on a new page and goes after the reference list.  
 Please take the above warning seriously.  We do not like having to deduct marks for plagiarism and cheating, but academic honesty is important and will be upheld.  


Innovative Organization in New Zealand:
Weta Workshop
[date]Executive Summary
Weta Workshop is one of the globally known special visual effects company based in Wellington New, Zealand. It creates costumes, characters, visual designs, and artistic movies with genres like horror and fantasy. Weta Workshop's work involvement varies from movies to television series, and even collectible toys designs. Among its most successful movie projects are The Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and The Amazing Spiderman 2.
Weta Workshop's creative business venture has led them to become world-renowned in the creative industry. Its careful and strategic planning sets the value to its employees and the project they work with. This value allows the company to raise its standard in terms of quality production. In return, it accumulates clients, partnerships, and a wider audience.
In addition to its competence in the creative industry, Weta Workshop knows how to make use of technology. Aside from entering the virtual world through virtual entertainment as well as digital creations, it has also based its works from scientific technology. For instance, the artists make sure that the type and amount of glue to be used on a person's skin will not cause damage and irritation. This use of innovation has allowed them to work with people safely.

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