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Individual Strategic Brief & SWOT Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


BUS 335 - Promotional Planning & Metrics Strategic Brief & SWOT Due at the beginning of class on Friday, September 11 Assignment Overview: You are a Project Manager for a Marketing Firm. Your firm recently won a bid to handle all Marketing Communications for a B2C consumable company/brand/product line of your choosing and individual interest. This is your first of 3 brief assignments that will mirror the Integrated Marketing Communications process. I am your CEO and you are writing a series of briefs to inform me on the progress of the project. Strategic Brief & SWOT Assignment Components: - Strategic Brief (2-3 Pages): o Synopsis of company selected o Executive summary of the high level scope of the overall project o Identify the current state of the company/brand within their industry ▪ Be sure to identify industry competitors and how they may impede the progress and/or counteract the overall marketing communication plan. o Identify the target audience (No more than 2) of the project ▪ Provide psychographics and demographics to support target(s) selection o Goal statement of the project (Overarching/strategic/all encompassing) ▪ Include action desired by target audience o Short term goals (less than 6 months) of the project (At least 2) o Long term goals (between 1 to 3 years) of the project (At least 2) - SWOT Analysis (Use SWOT to inform Strategic Brief and future briefs) o Show breadth and depth of thought related to the company/brand/product selected. o Strengths/Weaknesses (Internal to case) o Opportunities/Threats (External to case) o Chart format with concise items o 1 to 2 sentence description and/or rationale for each item


Sony PlayStation
Institution/ Affiliation
Sony PlayStation strategic brief and SWOT
Sony Corporation is a global player in the entertainment, electronics, gaming, and financial services market. The company specializes in the development, design, production, manufacture, and sale of numerous electronic equipment and instruments such as televisions, mobile phones, video cameras, video and audio players and recorders, and network equipment semiconductors, and most importantly, game hardware and software (Sony, 2020). Also, the corporation participates in the production, supply, accrediting, and management of animation titles. The company's strengths, including strong brand image, history in innovation, global market presence, and technological expertise, have allowed the company to succeed in the competitive marketplace.

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