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Individual And Corporate Social Responsibility (Essay Sample)


It needs to be double spaced. It also needs a 2 page rough draft and 3 page final draft. This would make it 5 pages total. So would you be able to split my pages up like that? Also, This is just a general argumentative essay on individual and corporate responsibility.
PLEASE deliver 2 page rough draft in 2-3 days, thank you.


Argumentative Essay
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Argumentative Essay – Individual and Corporate Social Responsibility
As perceived, an individual and corporate both significantly plays a vital role in the milieu of a business. The social responsibilities of an individual and a corporate have become prominent in the society along with the alternative responses and distributive failures. Corporate social responsibility is aimed at ensuring that companies conduct business ethically. This means taking into consideration their social, economic and environmental consequences, as well as their consideration of human rights (Blowfield & Murray, 2014). Whereas, the concept of individual social responsibility comprises of several strands for instance, following a code of ethics, the positive steps an individual make in order to minimize their environmental impact, and few others. However, there are various arguments initiated on the social responsibilities of an individual and a corporation. This paper emphasizes on an argument which is prominently based on an important yet possible understanding of corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, this paper will entail an in-depth analysis of an argument based individual and social responsibility. The coming discussion will be centered on the following statement. Corporate and an individual responsibility play a vital role in terms of social perspective, however, corporations are required to implement CSR in their business environment due to its great significance.
Corporate social responsibility has attracted the attention of numerous companies and stakeholders. Various definitions have been formulated, but a little consensus has been reached. Part of the reason for determining the problem is due to the various interests represented. Business people can define corporate social responsibility as a business strategy, NGO activists can consider it as a personal ethical responsibility, and government officials can consider it as voluntary regulation. Furthermore, disagreement with this definition will proceed from the discipline method. Individual social responsibility is everyone's responsibility for their actions. It is morally important for everyone to act in a way that does not affect others. Everyone should make every considerable effort to promote various social obligations. Individuals, not physical means, should focus on the benefit of others. Individual social responsibility can play a certain role only if a person exceeds their personal interests and chooses a benefit for a large number of people. Everyone can contribute to society in a wide range.
Social and legal developers demand that the social responsibility of individuals and companies in recent times become more visible as an alternative response to market and redistributive failures. It has been observed that in a corporation's environment CSR is considered as a term which refers to the actions a for-profit business takes

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