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Inclusive Leadership And The Success Of Organizations (Essay Sample)


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Inclusive Leadership
Student’s Name
Inclusive Leadership
Leadership plays a significant role in the success of organizations. It determines how people in the organizations behave in order to achieve set goals. Therefore, the success of operations in all levels in the organization relies to a great extent on the input of its leaders. As noted by Canwell, Dongrie, Neveras, & Stockton (2014), leadership is the top talent issue that firms face in the world today. In the 21st century, organizations face new challenges relating to leadership because of the growing number of millennials and the presence of leaders belonging to many generations. With organizations in today’s environment operating in a globalized market, leadership becomes more challenging due to workforce comprising of members from diverse cultural backgrounds. As such, there is a need for inclusive leaders to manage people from different cultures in order to help the organization achieve its goals. Inclusive leadership, according to Wuffli (2015), refers a leadership acting and thinking that is dynamic, horizontal across all cultures and sectors, and is applicable to wide range of situations. The inclusive leadership framework also includes an explicit focus on virtues and ethics (Wuffli, 2015). In this regards, therefore, inclusive leadership is important because it can help organizations tackle the challenges brought about by the globalized nature of today’s business environment. Therefore, this paper will examine various aspects that characterize inclusive leadership. Specifically, the paper will seek to define inclusive leadership and explore its need in organizations toda...
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