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Importance of Social Responsibility (Essay Sample)

-Explain corporate social responsibility in your own words. -Name a company you believe to be socially responsible. Defend your choice. -Choose one of the weekly readings and discuss how the article changed your understanding of corporate social responsibility. source..
Student's name: Course Instructor Date Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility refers to all business's initiatives and commitments aimed at achieving sustainable development and service delivery ethically and improving the quality of life of the local community and its workforce whilst conserving the environment. CSR initiatives go beyond the moral and legal requirements imposed on it by the government, regulators or environment protection groups. CSR encompasses many topics within and without the business environment such as health and safety, environment, human rights, corporate governance among others. One of the companies I believe to be socially responsible is Microsoft Corporation, a major software development company based in the United States. It has contributed immensely to CSR-related initiatives have raised over $1 billion since its inception. Microsoft Corporation also has given over $900 million worth of software and cash in 2012 alone making it one of the greatest philanthro...
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