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Impacts of the Assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy (Essay Sample)


Crew, again our Unit was filled with a wide range of fascinating information. Like we have done in the past units, below you will find a couple options for your discussion board question. You only need to select ONE of the questions below and provide your initial post. Make certain that in the subject line of your post that you identify the question that you have selected. The topic is provided above the specific question. Have fun!
Vietnam: In your opinion, can today’s conflicts be compared to Vietnam? If so, why are there not modern protests like those seen in that era? If today’s conflicts are not comparable to Vietnam explain why. Why, when comparing the publics' response to today's US soldiers, there is such a tremendous difference?
Impacts of assassinations: In your opinion, what were the impacts of the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy? Consider social and political impacts.
Ronald Reagan: Why Ronald Reagan in 1980? (Crew, this is a wide open question. Run with it in any direction!)
Make sure to proofread your posting to ensure that it reflects your argument, effort, and professionalism. Remember to visit the board throughout the week to continue the discussion with your classmates/colleagues.
Enjoy the discussion!


Impacts of the Assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy

The Power Control Group was prone to many threats in 1968. Even though President Johnson had shown his commitment to cooperate with the group’s desires in Viet Nam and other parts of the world, he did not meet the requirements of the group in other areas. In addition, he had even made a step of appeasing the blacks to an extent of showing signs of bowing to pressure from young Americans way back in 1968. By issuing him threats to expose the truth behind the assassination of J. F. Kennedy or threats on his family, Johnson was forced to withdraw from presidential race of 1968 elections. Their threats to bar Johnson from vying for this election were to have Richard Nixon as the next president (Eyerman, 2011).
Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were the main threats to this plan. At first, Dr. King started forming a coalition with the main followers of Malcom X as well as black militant groups. Therefore, man...
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