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THE IMPACT OF BIG BUSINESS. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Goal of this Session Long Project:
This assignment is the third of four SLPs where you will be building a bank of takeaways pertaining to ethical and/or unethical behaviors.
After reviewing this SLP scenario:
Express your reactions
Apply your own background/experiences
State important takeaways
Add other comments you would like to make
Your SLP submission should be 2 to 3 pages of text, well organized, well written, and 100% error free. You may use first-or third-person voice. Write in full sentences. Demonstrate your critical-thinking skills. No outside reference materials are required (unless stated*); however, add applicable course material. Be creative (for example, add color and/or small graphics).
*Note: In SLP 2 we introduced the importance of library research. So, in SLP 3 also support your arguments with sources from the Trident Online Library. This is an expectation at the graduate level.
What Can Happen?
View what can happen to individual businesses, their owners (and their animals) when big business steps in and takes over:
NBC News. (2018, June 29). The last days of an American dairy farm: “Hard to believe it’s over” | NBC News [Video file]. Retrieved from
It is not only milk. It is chicken, too. Read the following commentary:
Guebert. A. (March 21, 2019). Costco, Walmart want ag control. Farm and Dairy. Retrieved from
Armstrong, R., and Noonan, L. (2019). Wells Fargo: repairing a damaged brand. FT.Com, Retrieved from ProQuest in the Trident Online Library.
Forbes (2014). 10 simple ways to improve your reputation. Retrieved from https://www(dot)forbes(dot)com/sites/yec/2014/01/28/10-simple-ways-to-improve-your-reputation/#6cd6373e6b9f
Iraci, J. (2017). The complex process of managing reputation risk. The RMA Journal, 99(10), 40-43. Retrieved from ProQuest database in the Trident Online Library.
MarketingWorks (2014). 6 ways to rebuild reputation with PR after a crisis. Retrieved from https://marketingworks360(dot)com/2014/03/marketing-tips/6-ways-to-rebuild-reputation-with-pr-after-a-crisis/
Mintz, S. (2019). Has Wells Fargo Learned its Lesson? Retrieved from https://www(dot)workplaceethicsadvice(dot)com/2019/04/has-wells-fargo-learned-its-lesson.html
General References Useful for Preparing Graduate-Level Papers:
For a list of general reference sources related to locating library sources, using APA formatting, applying critical-thinking skills, and so forth, see General References Useful for Preparing Graduate-Level Assignments . It is not required that you read these sources page-by-page, but rather you refer to them for guidance.
SLP Assignment Expectations
This assignment will be assessed according to the following criteria on the SLP rubric:
Assignment-driven criteria: Demonstrates mastery covering all key elements of the assignment in a substantive way.
Critical thinking: Demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem. Multiple information sources, expert opinion, and assumptions are analyzed, synthesized, and critically evaluated. Logically consistent conclusions are presented with appropriate rationale.
Business Writing: Demonstrates mastery in written communications and a skilled, knowledgeable, and error-free presentation to an appropriately specialized audience.
Effective use of information: Demonstrates mastery in locating relevant and quality sources of information, using strong and compelling content to support ideas, convey understanding of the topic, and shape the whole work.
Citing Sources: Demonstrates mastery using in-text citations of sources, proper format for quotations, and correctly format full source information in the reference list using APA style (bibliography).


The Impact of Big Business
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The Impact of Big Business
The idea that the world should exist as a free market poses a great risk to people's lives today and in the future. Big businesses can come in and take over the little that small traders have relied on for years. This is a system that is not fair to a majority of hardworking people. However, it increases the economies of scale in big businesses. The result is an even more powerful state economy that is built by corporate organizations. This paper seeks to respond to some sources illustrating the impact that big business has had on individual businesses, owners, and animals.

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