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I'm Not Sure Which One is Worse (Essay Sample)

Please respond to ONE of the following discussion topics: Question A Discuss the process of formal software testing, including regression testing. Why is this done? Question B Research possible career paths in programming and software development. Other than “programming”, what other software development career paths exist? source..
The Process of Formal Software Testing, Including Regression Testing and Why Is This Done Name: Institution: Course Title: Instructor: Date: The Process of Formal Software Testing, Including Regression Testing and Why Is This Done Software testing is considered a formal procedure in which a software product unit, a few coordinated software units, or a whole bundle of code are analyzed by running the programs (Myers, Sandler & Badgett, 2011). Software testing is done in different formal processes. These processes include unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing. While unit testing focuses on testing specific units or components, integration testing permits individuals to combine units for testing. System testing involves testing a complete product while acceptance testing is done to determine whether the system is ready to be released to the end-users (Myers, Sandler & Badgett, 2011). At the point when...
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