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Grades Tracking Worksheet Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


BUS 221 CAI1:  Grades Tracking Worksheet – Design Document


The purpose of this assignment is to document the requirements and design considerations for a Grades Tracking Worksheet to be created and maintained in MS Excel 2016.  Your document should be completed in MS Word, be no more than 3 pages, and consider at least the following areas:


  1. OVERVIEW:  What will this worksheet allow you to do?  How do you envision using this tool and what would you like to get out of designing, maintaining and revising this worksheet during the semester?  NOTE:  This type of information can also be contained within your Grades Tracking Worksheet as a separate tab (i.e., worksheet) called “About”


  1. STRUCTURE:  What is the layout of the worksheet?  How many tabs (i.e., worksheets) will there be?  If more than one, what are the labels?  Will it contain data tables, graphs or other items?


  1. SCALABILITY:  Does the worksheet need to be scalable (i.e., able to grow; useful beyond just the first version)?  If yes, how will that be addressed in your design?


    1. INPUT:  What data / information will be included?  What is the source of that data?  How will the data be input into the worksheet?
    2. OUTPUT:  Will you print, use online only, need to share with others?
    3. FUNCTIONALITY:  What functions and formulas will the worksheet require?  What functionality would you like but don’t know if it exists in MS Excel?


  1. TESTING:  How will you test the functions, formulas, etc. to validate that the data and results are correct?


  1. AUTOMATION:  What calculations can be automated and which ones will require editing?


  1. FORMATTING:  What MS Excel formatting options will you use to help analyze and highlight data?


  1. SECURITY:  How will you protect this file from misuse or lost information?


Grading Rubric:


Activity (Points Possible)

Exceeds Objectives (Points Scored)

Meets Requirements (Points Scored)

Does Not Meet Objectives (Points Scored)

1 – Easy to understand summary of the tool and what it will be used for. (4)

Clear, thoughtful description of the worksheet, its functions and how it will be used. (4)

Provides a good explanation of the worksheet as a tool for tracking grades. (3)

Provides a basic high-level summary but not enough info to explain the value of this tool. (2)

2 – Description of the design and functionality of the tool. (4)

Defines specific design points and the rationale behind them.  Addresses specific input, output and functional requirements. (4)

Clearly defined design layout and components of the worksheet. (3)

High-level description of worksheet components. (2)

3 – Overall requirements document content and quality. (2)

Creates a complete set of requirements, design considerations and list of activities needed to produce and maintain a usable tool for tracking grades. (2)

Creates a high-level document describing the design requirements and actions needed to create the grades tracking tool. (1)

Design document is incomplete and/or lacks detail that can explain the value of a grades tracking worksheet. (0)

Total Points






Grades Tracking Worksheet
Grades Tracking Worksheet
The worksheet will allow me to calculate and track grades. It will also be a tool used to rank students. Maintaining the worksheet would be done through updating marks and grades on specific cells. The structure will include all the subjects that students will be taking. The tables will represent the monthly grading schedule, where each student's performance is done every week. The labels for each tab will be Month 1, Month 2, Month 3. Since the worksheet is for a single semester, it does not need to be scalable.
The input data and information on the tabs will be grades

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