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Human Resources and Change (Essay Sample)


The three major human resources management responsibilities are: attracting a quality workforce, developing a quality workforce, and maintaining a quality workforce.
Research the RSPS (Rancho Solano Preparatory School) scenario with which you are familiar to identify a need for change.
Based on the Rancho Solano case studied earlier in the course, you have been selected to make changes to the RSPS subsystems most in need of change, as well as make the necessary human resources management decisions to bring about that change. Write a 1,250-1,500 word paper in which you address the following questions:
1. What one major organizational subsystem needs to be changed in RSPS? Justify your choice.
2. How will that subsystem change affect two other subsystems within the organization and how will you realign the total system?
3. How could you ensure the proposed change will satisfy any three stakeholders of RSPS?
4. How should RSPS attract, develop, and maintain the workforce required to bring about your proposed change?
Choose at least one of the following in your discussion about attracting a quality workforce to support the change: human resource planning, recruitment, or selection.
Choose at least one of the following in your discussion about how to develop a quality workforce to support the change: employee orientation, training and development, or performance appraisal.
Choose at least one of the following in your discussion about how to maintain a quality workforce to support the change: career development, work-life balance, compensation and benefits, employee retention and turnover, or labor-management relations.
Integrate a faith/worldview-based** component in the paper and make a clear connection on how it informs your management practices. (** As individuals, we all have a worldview, and that influences our decisions, values, and perceptions. It also affects how we manage people [or think they should be managed.] This requirement relates to your worldview, not of RSPS).
Include at least four academic references for this assignment to support your position. One of them should relate to the company discussed in your paper.


Course Title:
Human Resource Management Responsibilities
Similar to other departments in every organisations, human resource managers are responsible for overseeing department functions and managing employees. The core responsibilities of human management include attracting, developing and maintaining high quality workforce (Esen & Collison, 2005; Kilkarni, 2013). This attained through various approaches which are geared towards helping employees identify their strengths and weaknesses, correct their shortcomings and efficient contribution to the organisation. This paper discuses three major human resource management responsibilities which include attracting, developing and maintaining a quality workforce in Rancho Solano Preparatory School. The paper highlights critical changes that needs to be changed in RSPS which include performance recruitment, performance appraisal and employee retention and turnover.
Various studies have proved that the biggest challenge of human resource management is high employee turn-over. It has been proved that key employees with competitive talents are not easy to remain in a firm for the maximum period of time or until a project is completed (Lipman, 2013). In RSPS the same challenge is prevalent in the human resource department as many teachers and other department staffs do not stay long enough (Siddhanta & Roy, 2010). Employee retention of employees is part of the human resource staffing and planning efforts. Many organisations have been forced to undertake investigations on why employees leave or stay. The most common reason as to why employees leave organisations such as RSPS is due to frustration and constant friction with their supervisors or other workmates. In other cases this is caused by lack of individual growth and low motivation which compel employees to seek alternative jobs (Lipman, 2013). It is the responsibility of the organisations management staff to ensure that level best effort is made to retain employees who are important for the organisation system and are known to be effective contributors. Unlike many years ago, employees nowadays are different as they are more informed and exposed to a wider range of options for their careers (Esen & Collison, 2005).
Employee retention affects the entire workforce in an organisation (Siddhanta & Roy, 2010). When business organisations hire people, they are expected to undertake necessary tasks that enable the organisation to operate and generate revenue. High employee turnover due to lack of capacity to retain employees for long has detrimental impacts to the organisations performance. In a school, when the turnover of teachers is high, the students are equally affected since the quality of the services delivered goes down. This negatively affects the overall production of the entire workforce as their morale is reduced. When teachers who are more experienced exit the school, it becomes difficult to find teachers who can fill in their posts considering the experience they have attained and the resources that have been used to words training them (Kilkarni, 2013). Low ...
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