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Human resource research report-Air Canada Flight Attendant (Essay Sample)

This assignment is a formal report of research that you will conduct in groups of four. The purpose of this assignment is to have you research HR management concepts introduced in the first half of the course and apply them in a simulated organizational setting. You are to develop detailed plans to recruit and select specific staff (see the choices on the next page of this document). Your report should include sections that: - Introduce the report, its purpose and its structure/organization - Show you understand the organization's current and future goals and how they relate to the job in question (and how you developed your understanding) - Indicate what the HR demand, internal HR supply, and net HR demand will be for the specific job (and how you determined these) - Outline the requirements of the job Job: Flight Attendant Organization: Air Canada Please ONLY use online references source..
Human resource research report
Course title:

Air Canada Flight Attendant
This report evaluates the human resource aspect in Air Canada and the specific requirements for an air attendant. The evaluation is based on the perspective of air Canada and the role of an air attendant in that firm. Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada Territory. The company, which was established in 1936, offers both charter and scheduled air transport for both passengers and cargo in more than 180 destinations worldwide. Globally, the company is placed in position ten by a number of destinations. Air Canada is also the founding member of Star Alliance constituting approximately 28 member airlines established in the year 1997. The organization’s headquarters is placed at  HYPERLINK "" \o "Montreal" Montreal,  HYPERLINK "" \o "Quebec" Quebec . Its largest hub is found at  HYPERLINK "" \o "Toronto Pearson International Airport" Toronto Pearson International Airport in Ontario. In 2012, the corporation recorded passenger revenues amounting to  HYPERLINK "" \o "Canadian dollar" CA$10.2. The companies’ regional service is known as air Canada express (Air Canada, 2012).
Air Canada flies to more than 20 domestic destinations as well as more than 100 international destinations including; Netherlands, Britain, France territories, USA, Asia, Europe,  HYPERLINK "" \o "Oceania" Oceania alongside its regional partners. In essence, the airline serves more than 180 destinations and 40 countries in the global perspective (Air Canada, 2012). The vast land mass in Canada surrounded by oceans on three sides, as well as a population spread across the country makes air travel crucial in the development of tourism, business, and trade. It also assists in linking the rural communities in Canada with the rest of the nation as well as the world. It is not surprising then that the economic impact of Canada’s airports is significant in the national perspective. The airport generates more than $45 billion in economic activity revenues annually and provides more than 200000 job opportunities. The government is able to collect revenues for these employees through tax (Canada Senate Committee, 2012)
The main objective for air Canada is to maintain a regular message of safety, luxury to its clients through various media outlets as well as reliability. The role of flight attendant is to offer assistance to passengers, and ensuring that the safety policies and regulations are maintained within the course of aircraft travel. Eligible candidates for flight attendants must have at least a high school certificate. Those who should apply ...
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