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HR policies MICROSOFT (Essay Sample)

THE COMPANY TO USE IS "MICROSOFT"!! For your SLP 1 assignment: --Select your private-sector, reference organization as described above. --Indicate what number this employer is on the Fortune list. --Describe the organization you have chosen from the Fortune list (type of business, a history of the business, number of employees, unionized or not, and its HRM department's structure/reporting relationships). --Assess the degree to which this organization may be affected by recent updates and trends in federal and state employment law and major court decisions. Discuss what the organization may need to do to ensure legal compliance. Are there other changes too that you recommend be made as a result of implementing the new regulations? Please upload your paper to CourseNet. Paper length: 2-3 pages, not counting the cover and reference pages. Assignment Expectations: As you research the organization you selected from the Fortune List, if you cannot find the information you need on the specific organization, instead discuss information from other private-sector organizations. Apply HRM terminology, HRM background readings, research, and business examples of HRM policies, practices, and procedures as they might compare or contrast to your chosen organization. Bring in other private-sector employers' HRM activities, systems, practices and procedures as examples that fit into your assignment discussion. Prepare a paper that is professionally presented (including a cover page, a "List of References," and a strong introduction and conclusion). Proofread your paper carefully for grammar, spelling and word-usage errors. source..
HUMAN RESOURCE POLICIES Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (15, October, 2010) Human Resource Policies Policy is a set of rules that are used to guide an institution or country in attaining recommended visionary activities. They identify the weak loop holes and activities and come up with ways of solving the problems identified. The policies are made to avoid recurrence of a fault or a potential of wrong in a working environment. Human resource policies are important aspects of any company as it affects how the employees relate with the company and their level of output, organizations expectations and standards (Houseman, 2001). Every company needs HR written down policies mainly to allow them to comprehend their duties and roles with reasonable limits and allow continuous operations  without managerial supervision. They are seen to be links between the operations, future and operations of the companies. Policies are general in the sense that they are applicable to all employees in a company. The policies identify certain aspects held dear to the company in the form of rules and regulations and the consequence of their breaking. Reasons for the rules are given in case one breaks them and questions on the rule broken it is written in a format is easy to understand for reference (Fisher & Nobile, 2010).  Policies are important in areas like health, legal liabilities and matter of serious aftermath. According to Schippmann Et al. (2003) Poor HR policies can bring a company law suits and bad publicity for the company. examples of this policies are in terms of; attendance, vacations, drugs, attendance, sexual harassment, jury duty, conflict of interests, employment, discipline resolution, discipline, working conditions and hours discrimination, compensation and nepotism just to name but ...
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