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How AI affects Consumer Behavior Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


This assignment is a short essay on how artificial intelligence (AI) affects consumer behavior.


Grading1. Two-three pages;
2. Creative applications of AI to consumer behavior, for specific products or product categories;
3. 2 points to your total grade;
4. Reference reading is available on Blackboard.


For sections 2 to 41. Pick one or two key points from the corresponding part (Chart on the next slide) and discuss AI’s impact.
For example, for Part 1, you may discuss how AI affects consumer exposure to ads or products.2. Use specific product or industry examples to support your arguments.


How AI affects Consumer BehaviorThis assignment is a short essay (two to three pages) on how artificial intelligence (AI) affects consumer behavior. You should include four sections in this essay -
1. What is AI and its applications in business (provide specific examples of the application)
2. How AI affects Consumer Psychological Core (Part I)
3. How AI affects the Decision Making Process (Part II)
4. How AI affects Consumer Cultures or Consumer outcomes (Part III)


How AI Affects Consumer Behavior
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How AI affects consumer behavior
AI is the act of developing smart machines that can mimic human intelligence. This discipline empowers machines to perform tasks that can be done by humans. It employs techniques such as deep learning and natural language processes to create sophisticated systems. These methods allow machines to learn to perform human-like tasks through examples and experience. (SAS Insights, 2020). AI makes a machine behave like a human brain.
1.0 Applications of AI in business
SAS Insights (2020) describes three key applications of AI: retail, banking, and cybersecurity. AI systems are applied in chatbots. These automated website functions help retailers offer online customer care services. The application can initiate and hold conversations with customers. It has the power to grasp the natural language of humans. By using chatbots, retailers help customers get any product or company information similar to a sales representative.

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