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Trying to impro Naturoney honey into America Naturoney (is the company name) (Essay Sample)


Trying to impro Naturoney honey into America Naturoney is the company name
6. Trade Transaction I
a. Name of Supplier
-Who is your supplier?
-Brief histroy
b. Type of Contract (Terms of sale)
c. Quantity Purchased
-How many units?
d. Purchasing Price & Selling Price
-Purchased price or cost of product.
-Selling price of product
e. Delivery
-Supplier to port of export
f. Packing
-What kind of packing is needed?
-Who provides it?
-Who pays for it?
g. Shipping
-Port of export to port of import
h. Insurance
-Is insurance necessary?
-If it is,
-which insurance company?
-what kind of coverage?
-how much does it cost?
-who pays for it?
7. Trade Transaction II
i. Payment Terms
-Method of payment
j. Documentation
-what kinds of documents are necessary?
-All documents must be filled out and attached
k. Customs Duty
-Duty Rate
-calculate total duty
l. Inland Freight
-Port of import to customer or to you
m. Warehousing
-Is warehousing necessary?
-If it is,
-what kind of facility?
-how much?
-how long?
n. Name of Customer
-who is/are your customer(s)?
-Brief history
o. Cost Calculation
-total sales
-cost of goods sold
-total expenses
8. Recommendation for Implementation of Transaction
-Evaluation and analysis of your project
-Conclusion & recommendations
-Yes/Not recommended.
-Alternative to your project


Institution / Affiliation
1.0 Trade transaction
1.1 Supplier Naturoney
Naturoney is a Canadian company specializing in pure and natural honey derived from numerous floral sources. The company was established in 1990 when three Canadian beekeepers united their 4,500 beehives. Its headquarters are located in Chateau-Richer, Quebec. For the past 30 years, the company has evolved become the leader in the processing of honey in Canada. The company’s product is available in numerous formats and private labels such as classic honey, tasting honey, and apitherapy (Naturoney, 2020). Some of the popular company honey brands include Quebec, Canadian, organic, Blueberry, Amazonian Mint, and Canadian buckwheat, all derived from natural 100% beehives products. The company has a broad customer portfolio, including supermarkets, retails stores, and hotels, to name a few. The company's distribution network includes 1000 clients in China, Canada, Hong Kong, and Japan. Currently, the company employs 20 employees in its facilities in Quebec, London (Naturoney, 2020).
Source. Naturoney
1.2 Terms of sale
Due to the relatively small volume and weight of the product, and the nature of the contract, the terms of sale will be Cost and Freight. In this arrangement, the supplier (Naturoney) will clear the consignment for export, deliver the goods to the vessel at the port of Quebec and pay for the transportation fees for the goods to the port in, in this case, the port of New York. I will assume the risk of the goods immediately they are on board the vessel at the port of Quebec. The reason for choosing cost and freight incoterm is that the volumes of the goods are relatively low, and the arrangement is convenient as it minimizes the hustle of the importer arranging for the transportation of goods in the foreign country. With Naturoney being in operation for almost 30 years and shipping across different countries like Japan and China, the company has established cooperation with transportation and freight forwarders thus reducing the lead times.

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