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HATM 4607 Assignment: Business Plan For The Hamilton Hotel (Essay Sample)


according to our business idea(HATM 4607) to complete a business idea


The Hamilton hotel
Business plan for the Hamilton hotel
Institutional affiliation
Email address
Table of contents
1 Executive summary
* Introduction
* Mission and vision
* Products and services
2 Industry description
* Introduction
* Factors affecting the industry
* Specification areas
* Anticipated reaction
3 Business description
* Services and products offered
* Management
* Labor source
4 Opportunities
* How much market will buy and the future
* Why people need the services
* Longevity and plans for modification
5 Production plan
* Introduction
* Specifications for the one bedrooms
* Specifications for the two bedrooms
* Location and expansion plans
* Employees
6 Marketing plan
* Introduction
* Competition
* Technology
* Action plan
7 Financials
* Source of funds and expected repayments
* Economic assumptions
Executive summary
The Hamilton Hotel will be based in Hamilton a port city in the province of Ontario in Canada. It is a commercial hotel with the sole goal of providing quality services to the clients. When constructing the hotel, the design will be more theme based compared to other hotels owned by the Hamilton group of companies. The hotel belongs to a corporation so it must provide quality services to ensure that people continue using our products and services. Competition in the Hamilton area is stiff because of the old companies that already exists there and seem to have occupied the market, however, outdoing our competition will be based on theme based rooms which will give us an advantage over the competitors. It will be managed by a single CEO, but all the final decisions must go through the board of directors. Based on the amount of quality the company is willing to offer it is most likely that the hotel will be a success. According to numerous reports by the organizations scouts other hotels in the area lack theme-based rooms and activities which are an opportunity not to be left behind.
Mission and vision
The Hamilton Hotel has the following mission and vision:
Mission- to be the world’s most friendly hotel and this is through the creation of theme based and heartfelt experiences for guests, great opportunities for team members, create high value for stakeholders while at the same time creating a positive impact in the community/society.
Vision- to make sure that the world is filled with the light and warmth that originate from hospitality and this is through delivering exceptional experiences by providing the best theme based holidays. Every hotel, every theme, every guest at a time.
Products and services
The hotel will be providing accommodation for guests and tourists. Moreover, it has quality self-contained rooms with free breakfast. Rooms will have specific themes, and guests will be given the theme they ask for or the one that is most suitable for them. Since it is expected to be a five-star hotel, it will require approximately $10 million to build since the company plans on acquiring the land to build on rather than getting a lease contract. This money is expected from the stakeholders of the corporation. Additionally, the company is selling a few shares to raise funds for the construction of the new project. A combination of the two sources of funds will still not be enough to build the hotel, so donations are also expected from well-wishers and if that is not sufficient the company will acquire loans since it already has a positive reputation.
Industry description
The hotel industry in Hamilton has existed for a long time, and it majors in all the four sectors of hospitality. The four segments include; lodging, travel and tourism, recreation and food and beverages. The food and be...
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