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Guerrilla Marketing- Advertisement Strategy (Essay Sample)


The element of surprise can create memorable and buzz-worthy brand experiences.
Discuss one such guerilla marketing activation, including the purpose, investment, sponsors/partners, and outcomes.


Guerrilla Marketing
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Guerrilla Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing is an advertisement strategy used by both small and large companies to promote their services and products to the public. This marketing strategy employs the same tactics used in guerilla warfare, that is an ambush and run strategies. This game plans to target large audiences and are mostly done in shopping centers or public places that have large crowds of people. The target of guerilla marketing is to get consumers by surprise and leave a long lasting impression in their minds, and this increases their possibility of buying the service or product being advertised. The long-lasting impact and low cost of guerrilla are what make it a successful marketing strategy CITATION Dav19 \l 1033 (Ingram, 2019).
Creativity is imperative in order for a brand to capture as many audiences as possible and leave an impression so strong that it will push consumers to buy what is being advertised. Examples of strategies that have been used include leaving collaterals in areas with large social events, putting banners, signs and clues that will arouse the curiosity of the public, using dummies such as ostriches or bears that can easily catch the eye, any strategy chosen by a company must be loud and visible enough to be buzz worthy. Several elements about guerrilla make it very successful and such are; standing out an advertisement, cost-effective, lasting impression and brand building CITATION Dav19 \l 1033 (Ingram, 2019).
The cardinal rule in guerilla marketing strategies is creating an outstanding message or advertisement, one that will be easily seen or heard by the public. This demands marketers to be creative and deliver outstandingly. Because it deviates from the traditional forms of advertisement in print and electronic media such as newspapers and televisions, a guerrilla advert has to be better than the traditional forms of advertisements in all possible ways CITATION Dav19 \l 1033 (Ingram, 2019). A lottery company, for example, can design a dollar costume, and a person wears it and walks around the streets giving people free lottery cards. A dollar costume would be hard to miss, and the free lottery will stand out in the mind of the people. This consequently leads to the brand building.
Companies go against the usual marketing strategies and use guerilla marketing in order to build their brand. A company should be willing to share an experience of their product or service with the public in the most philanthropic way possible, and this gains the company reputation with consumers and when such experiences are shared among people even through word of mouth will build this brand in ways the conventional marketing forms would not. Building a reputable brand will require an advert to leave a lasting impression in the minds of people CITATION Dav19 \l 1033 (Ingram, 2019).
Since guerilla is a form of ambush, companies must ensure that this ambush to the public leaves a long-lasting impact in their memories and emotions as well. We are most likely to buy a product or service because it meets our needs and leave us emotionally satisfied as well. Therefore, whatever advert a company decides to use must leave an impact that will last the longest possible in the minds of people, like the example mentioned earlier, one cannot forget seeing a big dollar, and the possibility of winning some money is quite satisfying and worth working towards. This experience beats watching an advert on TV or listening on the radio, and it becomes more effective when done together with social media promotions since it ensures a large audience is reached CITATION Dav19 \l 1033 (Ingram, 2019).
All these strategies are cost-effective...

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