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Fining of Google by the European Union (EU) Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Every month, week and day ethical issues are addressed in the media. Television and media reports, popular press magazines, newspapers and social media are mediums through which we become aware of many ethical issues and reflects the evolving relationship we as members of society have with the media.
The purpose of this assignment is to identify and analyze an ethical issue highlighted in the media.
Sections in your paper should include:
1. Introduction and Summary of the media event you have chosen. This section should identify what event you will be discussing, how it relates to course topics and what your paper will address. This section should highlight your familiarity with the event you have chosen and the responses by key actors. Include an overview of the key stakeholders and their responses to the situation. To avoid bias, this section should include multiple sources.
2. Analyze the response by the main/key actors involved in the media event you have chosen. Analyzing the response should include how the situation was handled and how it relates to the crisis management process. A good response sufficiently relates and discusses the ethical issue highlighted in the media to the steps of crisis management.
3. Assessment of the company response based on what was presented in the previous section. Did the company handle the event appropriately? Could/should they have done something different? If so, what?
4. Conclusion
5. References in APA formatting (a minimum of five references are required for this assignment)
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Business ethics
Business Ethics
The internet is one of the best sources for information, and this largely illustrated by the level of integration most of the traditions services have done over the years. Ideally, the internet forms that basis for sharing information from social to corporate and government levels. While the level of efficiency has greatly improved, there have been challenges along the way and some of them have very subtle impacts at the personal and even societal levels (Warren, 2018). At the helm of the information sharing platforms, are the ethical issues associated with them. This is more so given that even the world’s largest and most influential Tech Company, Google, has been rocked with such issues. To this effect, Google was fined an estimated $ 5 billion dollars by the EU in the grounds that it had been involved in activities that were considered unethical (Vivarelli, 2018). The company was given a hefty fine following reports that it had broken the antitrust laws (Warren, 2018). This is a food example of the ethical issues magnitude that most of the countries are grappling with as well as the users of such services. Over the years, issues of ethics associated with such companies dominate the markets using scrupulous methods to stay ahead of the competition have been rampant. This means that stakeholders in the field are put at a disadvantage by a dominating company, and this leads to unhealthy competition.

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