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General Motors Co. Pulling Out Of Facebook (Essay Sample)


For the case assignment, you will analyze the case of GM pulling out their advertising dollars from Facebook just prior to the Facebook IPO.
You will also look at various tools for advertising used by Facebook and other social media outlets.
Please make sure you address the items above in a synthesized format and not just sequentially answer the questions.
Writing guidelines:
The length of this paper should be between 5 -8 pages in APA format (double spaced, with 1-inch margins and 12 point Times New Roman font).
A minimum of five (5) references is required to support your in-text citations.


GM pulling out of Facebook

General Motors Co. (GM), withdrew from Facebook advertising after identifying that the site had little impact on the consumers’ intent to purchase their vehicles. The move by GM exemplifies a move by many advertisers within the USA based on the premise if Facebook helps them to sell more products. The withdrawal by GM increased the doubts if Facebook was an appropriate marketing avenue for the company to increase the growth of other businesses. Facebook is among the popular social networking sites that have advanced the marketing capabilities by helping companies to target their regional consumers appropriately (O’Keeffe & Clarke-Pearson, 2011). The high number of users has made Facebook a strong marketing tool. The move by GM to cancel the $10 million advertising budget on Facebook just before the stock market launch raised controversy in social media marketing. Nevertheless, the capability of Facebook to facilitate networking and entertainment simultaneously has made it grow faster and increase the number of users substantially. Increased efficiency in Facebook marketing has attracted GM to engage in the platform with the intent of reaching target consumers (Blodget, 2012).

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