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Globalization and the effect towards managing retail marketing. (Essay Sample)

Mid term Essay Introduction to Retail Marketing DUE DATE JULY 12, 9:00 AM. Guidelines for essay writing The essay has to be structured with introduction (including a thesis statement), body and conclusion [like an English-type essay]. The argument has to be coherent and flowing throughout the essay. The careful and good use of references and examples from the text book as well as other sources is expected to form a well-developed argument based on which a personal opinion should be developed at the conclusion.. The topic will be released on the 3rd lecture and due on the exams (a hardcopy delivered attending exams) Please remember to - Avoid using first person, such as “I”, “we”, etc. - Watch your grammar and “ambiguous” sentences - Have a reference page at the end of the essay where you cite only the references you used in the essay using the Harvard referencing system (a guide is availableon webCT. - Maximum word count= 1500.(+ or - 10%) 1.What is a retail marketing essay? A retail marketing essay is an essay which is for the promotion of a product or about marketing strategies or making a retail marketing plan. A retail marketing essay enhances your capability in terms of market assessment and evaluation based on your knowledge. In marketing essays, different kinds of approaches are used. Some marketing essays are for the evaluation of market, some marketing essays talk about market value while other market essays are about various market trends. You are free to make a choice and identify the nature of your market essay. After identifying the nature of market essay, you will collect relevant information to that essay on marketing. Relevant information is of many kinds such as marketing papers, marketing research papers, marketing term papers and essays on marketing. For all kinds of writing related to marketing papers and essays on marketing, read materials that are relevant. Never try to include irrelevant information even if you are aware of too much information regarding marketing. Make your retail marketing plan essay or marketing strategy essay as concise as you can and use clear and simple words for the description of your arguments related to marketing. Here are the suggested topics that you can choose: 1. Retail Marketing strategies to attract buyers in times of financial crisis. 2. How to use the internet to full migrate from conventional marketing strategies. 3. The meaning of culture in advertorials. Compare with different advertorials & diverse (sub-) cultures. 4. What is the most effective retail marketing medium in today's word of the internet. 5. Successful retail marketing stories. 6. The influence of professional sport games and their retail marketing strategy. 7. Globalization and the effect towards managing retail marketing. 8.Trends for the near future. 9.The development of retail business on the Internet & trends for the near future. source..
GLOBALIZATION AND THE EFFECT TOWARDS MANAGING RETAIL MARKETING Name: Course: Professor Name: (July 11, 2012) Globalization and the Effect towards Managing Retail Marketing Introduction The world has become a global village and with it comes different changes and effects; this is particularly to the business world where they must find options to adapt to the changes or perish. Indeed with improved technology the business sector has become more competitive and requires strategic strategies to ensure any business stays afloat. This has not only been in the business scenes, but also the political, social, economic and legal fields as well (Young, 2001, p.121). On the other hand, globalization has provided greater opportunities in the market based on an increased target market other than the local. In fact, the term emerging markets well explains how globalization has given a chance for all business to identify and explore their expansion strategies. For retail marketing, it would be a positive identity as the market has been expanded but, it can be a challenge since the marketing systems must be diverse to capture the target markets. This paper critically discuses globalization and its effect towards managing retail marketing; it identifies the trends in the market especially the retail marketing plans that different companies have taken to increase their sales. Globalization and the retail market The retail market can be described as where the consumer purchases the product or when the products reach the final consumer. Globalization has shifted the focus of businesses to trading beyond borders without limits to time zones, language or distance; it has gone beyond culture, traditions and business system (Davies & Wards, 2002, p.43). Everyone can do business with anyone as long as they are within the law. It is the slightest and most creative idea that dominates the market and increase sales of the products to the c...
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