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Global Benchmarking Plan: Apple (Essay Sample)


This paper will be about creating a benchmarking plan. It will focus on Apple and how they aim to be the best in the cell phone market with their new line of phones. What processes they use and can improve to be the "best in class" world organization in technology (cell phone sector)
The plan should include core competencies, key business processes, and critical success factors. 
As well as:
Plan of Action
Benchmarking Planning Checklist
Process Survey Checklist 
Business Process/Function Matrix 
The purpose of the research study should be clearly defined, the method should be described, and your method of data analysis proposed


Global Benchmarking Plan: Apple
Benchmarking relates to setting standards so as to compare results based on the business strategies, and aimed at improving business performance. Benchmarking results in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of performance with the outcome measured against targets. Benchmarking practices not only focus on setting objectives and budgeting, but also process improvements, since organizations go beyond internal analytics (Shapiro, 2013). Learning from others is one of the strategies to improve performance and goes beyond financial information to overall performance of an organization. Global benchmarking focuses on performance evaluation based on geographical reach at the global scale. This paper looks into the global benchmarking plan of Apple as they sell new cell phones.
Apple Inc needs to build upon strengths including the strong demand for iPhone and iTunes, which have registered strong demand in the financial year 2013 (Apple, 2015). There was increased revenue from the sale of iPhone, iPad and iTunes, meaning that the company is well placed to perform well in the new markets (Apple, 2015). At the same time, the company has a leading market position in the Smartphone and tablet market segment (Apple, 2015). A strong market presence gives the company a competitive edge and combined with research and innovation there are opportunities for the company to build strength. The new cell phones will integrate unique features that are the result of innovative technology.
Core competencies
Vertical integration is an important element to the success of Apple Inc in the phone market, enabling the company to control the most essential components of the chain. Innovative technology is an important element to the success of Apple, given the need for company to wow consumers. Nowadays, cell phone manufacturers have core competencies focusing on software, captive retail and substantial cash reserves, which all help to build a competitive advantage (Duncan 2009). As such, the company has its own designs for the hardware, it develops its own software, and it also offers services for various products including apple stores while it also a retail company (Vergara, 2013). Integrating the four elements has meant that the company has a competitive advantage compared to its competitors, who have to rely on other suppliers or companies to provide them with applications, operating system and hardware. In any case, the consumers get unique retail experience since the company has its own outlet stores (Vergara, 2013).
Key business processes
Organizations that integrate systems with people gain capabilities as they are better placed to effect changes in the existing business processes (Chang, 2005). Typically, organizations have different key business processes including fulfillment, procurement and production, but the processes are executed differently in most organizations. In the case of Apple the need for outsourcing has played an important role in procurement. The company relies on the capability of suppliers while focusing on what the consumer wants and what the maker ought to do. This facilitates vertical integration based on the notion that the cooperation integration of different businesses processes allows the company to respond to high competition in the cell phone market. The product innovation strategy for Apple creates value with the company placing importance on designing and innovation as this support the business strategy.
Critical success factors
One of the factors that have made the Apple products successful is that there is integration of hardware with the software applications. Running the various apps that are unique to Apple cell phone differentiates the products from the competitors...
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