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Gender in advertising Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Use the attached instruction and sets of questions in the attachment.


For this post, you will consider the following sets of questions. While you need not answer each one, all of these questions will help you as you shape your initial response. Your response can address all of these ideas..
Many would agree that advertisements are effective ways to market products and services. But does all that media saturation come with a cost?
o What does responsible advertising look like? o Do advertisers have an ethical responsibility to society? o Do they have an ethical responsibility to children? o Why or why not?
Historically, gender and gender roles have been pervasive in American culture. As such, this question asks you to first consider the binary terms, male and female.
.o Can people in any gender role have both “feminine” and “masculine”
characteristics? o Do you see a danger in limiting people to one or the other?


Gender in Advertising
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Gender in Advertising
Advertisement plays a significant role in facilitating the effective operation of organizations while increasing overall sales. Organizations lure customers into making a purchase decision through an effective advertisement platform. The core objective of an advertisement is to make a positive impact on purchasing behavior among customers. Shabbir et al. (2019) argue that media saturation in advertisement campaigns involve costs to attain additional sales. However, companies must practice responsible advertisements by giving customers the right information regarding products and services that they can use in making informed decisions. Notably, advertising companies have an ethical obligation to enhance the welfare of community members and support customers. Equally, they must be honest with their intentions to strengthen trust between them and the community members.
Advertisers have a deep sense of social responsibility and, thus, the need to develop a set of soci

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