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Freemium Analysis For digital platform. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Choose a digital platform that employs or has employed a freemium business model and analyze it strategy.
The essay must address the problems listed in detailed instraction file I uploaded.


The Zapier Company
Institutional Affiliation
The Zapier Company
Zapier is an online automation app that links up to over 1000 popular apps such as Slack, Gmail, and Mailchimp to simplify connections. In this regard, Zapier is comparable to glue due to its nature of enhancing connections among many apps to ensure the efficient flow of information to customers. The app was founded in 2011 but has attracted so many business people all over the world. Through these automatic connections, business people who are Zapier’s customers can easily advertise their products worldwide (Turnbull, 2019). Zapier is much interesting in a way that it allows its customers to open their desired accounts to market their products freely. Indeed, this is one of the most feasible means through which Zapir extends its services to clients. 

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