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Free Immigration Verses Restricted Immigration (Essay Sample)


AP/SOSC 2340 (2349) 6.0 Intermediate Business & Society (2018-19)
Assignment 6: Textual comparison
Maximum length: 1600 words (excluding title page and bibliography).
Essay topic:
Chandran Kukathas and Matthias Risse (winter term lecture 9) both argue in favour of relatively free immigration, while Gillian Brock and Mills et al. (winter term lecture 10) seem to argue for ending or reducing the immigration of health workers from poor to rich countries. Compare and contrast a) Risse’s justification for free immigration, b) Kukathas’s justification for free immigration, and c) the justification in Brock and Mills et al for restricted immigration.
The structure of the essay should be as follows:
i) Front page with essay title, your name, student number, tutorial number and TA’s name.
ii) Introduction
iii) A brief synopsis of the views expressed in the texts you have chosen
iv) Discussion of the precise ways in which texts referred to in the essay question differ from one another in their reasoning.
v) Conclusion: a statement (following from the discussion given under iv)) as to whether the texts are mutually complementary or contradictory in their message.
The style and grammar of your answers and not only their content will be taken into account in the grading process. Be sure to edit and “declutter” your assignment. You should use quotes from the texts but do so sparingly—your aim should be to demonstrate your own comprehension and analytic abilities. If you upload your assignment to Turnitin more than 24 hours before the deadline you will be able to check your similarity score, revise and resubmit. You should aim for a similarity score below about 25%.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you submit and upload the version you intend to.


Free Immigration Verses Restricted Immigration
Student’s Name
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Immigration is increasingly growing into an issue of concern due to its impacts on the fiscal burden of states. The issue of immigration can be viewed in both positive and negative perspective to both the country of origin and that of immigration. For instance, the degree of immigration can preferably influence the skill composition of both immigrants and the natives. The policy regime impacts the form of immigration of a country, classifying a state as free immigration or restricted immigration state. Different researchers have presented diverse views on the issue concerning their justification for either free or restricted immigration. Presentation of justification of free immigration by Mathias Risse and Chandran Kurathas as well as the justification of Brock and Mills on the support of restricted immigration provides a baseline to support either free or restricted immigration in the United States as discussed herein.
Free and restricted immigration have been discussed in details by various people concerned with the issue of security in terms of both resources and employment skills. For instance, Mathias Risse Wrote “On the Morality of Immigration” on the Journal of Ethics and International Affair debating on the moral consideration about immigration. The article by Risse discusses the justification of immigration policies rather than restricting or justifying immigration concerning “what is good” for a state or country. He mainly focused on the United States’ current situation of complete desperation in their stance toward immigration. In the same case, Chandran Kurathas wrote on “The Case of Open Immigration,” linking the issue of restricted immigration as the political strategy to restrict movements. The argument based on sociologic and scientific perspective provides the classical and modern perspective of favoring open borders which allow free immigration among different ethnic groups.
“Should active recruitment of health workers from sub-Sahara Africa be viewed as a crime (2008)” by Edward Mills, William Schabas, and Jimmy Volmink illustrates the desires of health professionals to work in foreign countries. They illustrate that health workers always feel insecure to work in their own country thus creating a need to allow free immigration, especially at the professional level. Brock argues in his book on “Compatriot priority, health in developing countries, and our global responsibilities (2011)” that people are mandated to enhance social justice and global dynamics in healthcare sector without restricting movement of healthcare providers. This is an approach for ensuring the eradication of health disparities, especially in the developing regions.
Comparison of the Texts
Concerning the four discussed materials, the authors have both integrating and differing arguments on the issue of freeing or restricting immigration. For instance, Mathias Risse pleads on the relevance of moral consideration on the global debate over the issue of immigration. Mathias argument is based on the use of humanity while assessing matters relating to immigration policies. His standpoint on “the earth belongs to humanity in common” shrinks the United State population in two groups which mainly regulates the access into the country through the established sophisticated border surveillance strategies (Risse, 2008). He argues that the controllers of the United States boundaries should allow free movement of the people as the territory is mainly underused under their control. Allowing free immigration is necessary for ensuring full utilization of available re...

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