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Flevolous Lawsuits (Essay Sample)


Overall did this class make you more likely or less likely to start your own business in the future? What concepts in this class had the biggest influence on you in deciding whether or not entrepreneurship is something you want to pursue?

Also, where there any concepts from the class that might apply to your current job?

 The first part should be 70 words or more  and the second part below should be  70 words or higher please make sure both questions are answered and completely separate on the same sheet of the essay.

 Many lawsuits against new businesses are for serious issues such as personal injury or breach of contract. But there are also a significant number of silly or frivolous lawsuits against small businesses. Do a search on frivolous lawsuits against small businesses, and find the most ridiculous example that you can. Share the link with your classmates and explain why you found it ridiculous.

Keep in mind though that no matter how ridiculous you found some of the lawsuits against small businesses, this is no laughing matter for an entrepreneur. Even if you end up winning the lawsuit or get it thrown out of court, your legal bills and negative publicity can be very costly. For the example of a frivolous lawsuit that you found, discuss some ways in which the lawsuit might have been protected against using what you learned from the background materials.


Student Name:
Introduction: Flevolous lawsuits are known to create fear in the American Small enterprises sector. While some of these lawsuits are legitimate, huge percentages are recognized to have no merit. However individuals and business enterprises that have been sued have the obligation to defend themselves and this defense is usually costly to both the small enterprises and the individual consumer.
Enterprises that victimize innocent individuals should always held accountable for these actions. In this paper, I will discuss various actions that I would have taken to protect an organization from these fl...
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