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Financial Markets Questions. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


DISCUSSION PROBLEMS are designed to encourage student to think critically about the real-world issues.
1. How does new technology cause banks’ traditional lending activities to decline in balance-sheet importance?
 2. The deposit insurance program may ironically increase the likelihood that people will require even more deposit protection.   List and explain three potential problems that deposit insurance creates or makes things worse.  
 3. If a no-load mutual fund has no sales commissions, how does a broker make money from offering these funds to the clients?  Why offer a no-load fund?  What are the benefits to holding one?
 4. You invest $1,000,000 in Fidelity China Fund.  The Fund charges a front-end load of 5.75% and an annual expense fee of 1.25% of the average asset value over the year.  You believe the fund’s gross rate of return will be 11% per year.  What will your investment portfolio be worth in one year?


Discussion Problems
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Effects technology on banks’ traditional lending activities and their decline on balance-sheet importance
Technology has been the blueprint in transforming banking activities that they can now transact with clients from overseas efficiently, timely, and at a lower cost. Banks are leading in the financial sector in replacing their traditional systems with the new technology.
Banks loans are one of the four significant principal earning assets apart from mortgages and securities. They play an essential part in a bank's statement of financial position, and thus the management should always pay attention to any opportunity in the market to improve lending (Mocetti, Pagnini & Sette, 2017).
vernments use this program to provide a large cover for t

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