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Fin501 Week 2 Marketing Discussion Christopher Jefferson (Essay Sample)


Respond to post #1 and #2. 135 words per post
#1 Post
Christopher Jefferson
I haven’t look at any exactly tv. Show but one of the people I look up to the most in the financial realm is the one and only Dave Ramsey. Mr. Ramsey is a speaker, author, radio host, and youtuber, his has new shows that come out on YouTube every week, most famous for funding the college Financial Peace University. Mr. Dave Ramsey is one of the most outspoken people online or anywhere in the world when it comes to breaking down the importance of understanding how money works. He speaks about how people in today’s time are spending their income on things that they really don’t need and how most of America are in credit card a student loan debt. Which these stats are true according to ("Average Credit Card Debt in America: August 2019," 2015).
Average American Household Debt: $5,700. Average for balance-carrying households: $9,333.
Total Outstanding U.S. Consumer Debt: $3.9 trillion. Total revolving debt: $1.03 trillion.
41.2% of all households carry some sort of credit card debt.
He speaks about how people make millions of dollars in their life span, but they spend most of their money on expenses. So, his primary rule is to limit your expenses to increase your income and don’t ever use credit again. He also paints a clear picture when it come debt “in his eyes debt is bad” and I mean all debt of any sort. I don’t totally agree with him about debt, I believe that some debt is good if it pays you, what do you’ll think?
#2 Post
Jamie Calloway
I watched the American Factory produced by Netflix about the world's largest automotive glass manufacturer. It shows how more than one culture can work together and build successful factories in America. I would like to say it was very different watching this video for strategic corporation examples. I honestly believe that Fuyao organization did an excellent job with the Dayton organizations to build and operate so quickly and efficiently. The documentary also shares the views of employees and management. They really showed what it is like to start and accomplish corporate goals for your corporation. I recommend watching American Factory it managed to revive and old GM factory and some their employees after the closing in 2008. The story is yet another chapter in American manufacturing’s inexorable march toward globalization. (Vox, 2019)


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Post #1.
According to the National Foundation for Credit Counselling, issuers of credit cards divide people who use it in to two, transactors and revolvers (Hyun & Minetti, 2018). Transactors are people who use their money to make purchases, pay balances and cater for other expenses. For revolvers, their money just get stored in the cards while they pay for specific interests. Therefore, Jefferson’s thought that many people in America and around the world use their money to buy things they do not need. On the next part, the notion that debt is bad might be correct but I do not entirely agree with Dave Ramsey. This is because for the case of transactors, the money used in their credit card financial services are not actually debts because the individual will cover for all the charges including interest (Perera, Kasun Dayang & Jayasuriya, 2016). Moreover, this shows that some debt might evidentially be good because it aids a person financially.
Post #2.
The documentary film “American Factory” from the Obamas’ High Ground Productions, manifests a portrait of two social experime

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