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Assignment #1: ExxonMobil Inc Company Case Study (Essay Sample)


Operations Management For Dummies
Double space
3. You can use the same company case study for all papers, or choose different case studies for some papers.
Job requirements:
Assignment #1
After reading Part I (pages 1-82) of the Operations Management For Dummies
Choose a case study from the link and write a 4-page summary paper related to PROCESSES as it
pertains to the company highlighted in the case study you chose.


Assignment # 1
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ExxonMobil Inc Company Case Study
ExxonMobil is ranked as one of the best largest publicly traded international gas and Oil Company globally. The organization operation management develops, executes and maintains effective processes linked with recurrent activities or to one-time project to achieve operational excellence. Worth noting, ExxonMobil takes pride in its operational excellence. A range of 1 to 2% points better plant-up time or energy efficiency can represent millions in additional profits.
Processes at ExxonMobil
The organization seeks to conduct business in an approach that is compatible with the social, environmental and economic needs of communities where their operations take place (Eccles & Krzus, 2018).Additionally, the organization focuses on security, safety and health protection of its employees those involved with its customers, operations and public. Across the global operations, ExxonMobil rigorously engages in management systems that facilitate high operational performance. The organization engages its management system in identification, tracking and reporting demonstrating and guiding performance metrics. These systems enable the organization to comply with the regulations and provides operational framework that maintains high standards where regulations and laws are inexistent. For instance, from the good drilling and petroleum products delivery, the platform for individual business lines excellence is rooted to these expectations. As an approach of ensuring individual aspect of the organizations' security, safety, environmental and health framework the organization executes Operations Integrity Management Systems (OIMS) and its entire business areas are subject to establishing a documented process.
Operations management
CEO ExxonMobil focuses on four major business functions to ensure the organization achieves operational success. The CEO subjects the engineering department into operational training to impart knowledge on both intuitive and quantitative analysis that is vital in loss controls in the department (Eccles & Krzus, 2018). The finance department is also subjected to operational training that is crucial in exercising oversights over budgets thus helping the team in making good decisions. The Information Technology (IT) department is subjected to operation management training. This helps ExxonMobil IT professionals to effectively partner with operations management in the creation of competitive advantage in the market through process improvement while automating. Finally, the marketing department undergoes operational management training in order to promote ideas for new products that are profitable.
The relevance of operations management
ExxonMobil field of operations management is not always intuitive. The objective is to maximize profits and eliminate waste. Due to the nature of the organization and its specific objectives, operations are managed with diverse strategic techniques and approaches
ExxonMobil business model
To start with, ExxonMobil has a business model that influences operations strategy and on the other hand, the operations strategy regulates the business model. The business model identifies the target market, the products or services available for pricing, sale, and overall budget and marketing (Krzus & Tomlinson, 2019).In essence, operations determine the quality, cost and timing of value proposition that ExxonMobil delivers to its clientele base. Additionally, the organizations' operations determine the customer experience. The organization is identifiable with a good customer experience thus recording high profits
Process diversity

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